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I do not have a clue at this point for my thoughts for this series, sort of. The manga I love and so far the anime has proven that not all chapters for this series work in an anime form. At the same time I also have no idea how many episodes are there. I could have sworn it was 12, but after looking it up it says 13, and even that I do not know how accurate that is. So with two episodes remaining (possibly) I have no idea where exactly it will end or how for that matter, since I am forgetting what happened in the early chapters. Without further ado, like always spoiler warning and let’s get started.

The Plot:

A few days have seemingly passed since Class Rep’s accidental confession. The festival is happening and Kuromine had plans to meet everyone, except it turns out only Class Rep showed up. The two talk, still a little bothered by what happened. Kuromine confused if Class Rep really meant her confession, and Class Rep wishing the Fortune God in Training did not say anything.

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The two debate whether they should leave or not. Shiragami and Shiho are hiding in the bushes spying on them. Kuromine continue to talk and ultimately decide to go around the festival since Shiragami might have forgotten about them and started eating all the food there.

The two play a few games and wonder about. Shiragami lose Kuromine. Mikan appears, but has no relevance what so ever to this part. Anyway, Class Rep decides to get ice cream to repay Kuromine, only to have the person servicing it complement how it looks like they are having a nice date. Class Rep freaks out, they run into Shiragami, who then sees them and runs off. The two chase after her only to have Class Rep trip and be caught by Kuromine. He gets blinded by the ice cream and does not know everyone is around him. Class Rep realizes her feelings for him, and the first half ends.

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The second half Kuromine goes off to look for Shiragami at school the following day, wanting to explain what has happened. Shiragami is talking to the Principle, well the typical principle starts to mimic Shiragami and Kuromine to help Shiragami realize her feelings for him. This goes on and ultimately ends with Shiragami running away from Kuromine, believing she might have feelings for him after all.

am ep 11 4

Overall Thoughts:

I think this goes for the series as a whole, but I have mixed feelings for this show. The manga I am always entertained. With this episode, yes there were funny moments, but again I did not really find myself laughing, more than likely since this is the second time witnessing it. I probably will like the manga more still even after the anime is over. I know there are few series where I really like the anime and manga. This one to me feels like the adaptation can be better. Anyway that is all I have to say about that.

This episode was still remotely enjoyable. It did continue the path that last episode’s ending laid out for it. If this were a harem series I would not be surprised if they somehow found a way to solve that problem in five seconds this episode, but it is not and is a romance comedy. The biggest relationship is dealing with that love triangle, I guess, between Shiragami, Class Rep, and Kuromine. This episode help portray both sides of it. Shiragami possibly realizing her feelings, and Class Rep, although trying not to only to realize her feelings for Kuromine. With that in mind the romance element was at a higher degree. To me I keep forgetting this is a romance series and still put way to much focus on the comedy, since that is what I do with the manga. Anyway, this episode really help built up for the (possible) 2 episodes that remain.


Overall Score: B (I need to start going into the anime realizing it is more romance than comedy unlike the manga.)

am ep 11 3

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode, be it here or on twitter (link on the side).

– Joe