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Well, the show only has one episode left. I am kind of sad about it. I have really enjoyed this adaptation all the way through so far. In all honest this is probably my favorite show from the summer season. But just because it has been my favorite does not mean I will be bias towards it. I will give it a fair review, taking account for what was happening, the episode itself, as well as if there are any problems with this episode. So with that in mind and only one episode left, I hope you enjoy this next to last review.

The Plot:

The episode’s first half deals with Kimihito dating some of the members of Smith’s team. The only one who did not want to take part in it was Doppel. So with the girls tired of having to follow Kimihito out on his dates with the monster girl harem, they decide to take advantage of their day off to have fun and try to close the case once and for all, especially now that a second letter has shown up.

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Anyway Kimihito goes on dates with Tionishia (the ogre), Zombina (Obviously the Zombie), and Manako (Monoeye) in that order. Each one had their own time with him. Toinishia dragged him around (literally) from store to store to try things on. Since hardly any of the cloths fit her rather large size Kimihito offered to fix them to adjust the size. With Zombina after seeing a Zombie movie, which she loved, the two go to a manga café after her hand fell off. Kimihito sew it back on. Zombina thinking he probably thinks it was weird decides to do a little test by making one of her boob’s falls of so he has to sow it back on. He does, although gets a bloody nose. Then with Manako and her single eye everyone never makes direct eye contact with her. She fears Kimihito is just putting up an act and is actually afraid of all of them. He makes direct eye contact with her. By the end, after finding out the person who wrote the letters was Doppel and Smith’s plan to try to get Kimihito to choose one of the girls the members of MON are glad that Kimihito viewed them as women and not as monsters. Then after bringing up the second letter, it was revealed to be not one by Doppel or Smith, but someone else entirely. The first half ends as Kimihito walks home to see a mysterious figure, only to have a scythe around his neck.

The second half starts a little while later. Kimihito now goes home, only to bring the body of a person who lost her head. The Scythe was a fake, in a sense with a flashback. The girls ask exactly what is going on. Kimihito believes she is not only D, but that they need to help her find her head.

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The group split up with Suu and Rachnee staying home to watch the body while the others leave to find the head. After some searching they found it. She is Lala, a Dullahan, and one that brings people near their death to where they belong, she is a grim reaper in a sense, although they do not fully believe her. Anyway, after some Rachnee playing around with the body and the head reacting to it. The group quickly make their way home, and problem solved. The episode ends with Lala saying that Kimihito is on the verge of death.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode is very tricky for me when thinking about it on a grand scale of things. On one hand it allowed a little bit more information on the side characters. At the same time it introduced Lala, the newest member of that monster harem, in the next to last episode. On one hand with the manga even to date Lala has not made many appearances after her first, really there is only about one more chapter and she is mentioned a few times. So the part of me that has read the manga views this is alright since there is not much known about her character to begin with. The other argues the fact that it is a little too late to introduce another character since she will not get much development like the others in an anime aspect without reading the manga. That is all I have to say on that topic.

Now in terms of humor, events, and what not it did not feel bland even though it did similar things with the dates in previous episodes. It also is starting to feel as if maybe the manga comes off as more ecchi than the anime, or maybemusume 11 7 the series is not as ecchi as I think it is, despite having read most chapters at least 4 or 5 times now (since I reread the older volumes waiting for a newer volume or start rereading them ones I finished the latest one waiting for the next volume as well as read when translations are out for the latest new one). Anyway, the first half really did well on giving focus to the women of MON and slipping in a few ecchi scenes, specifically with Zombina. The second half did well too when it came to Rachnee’s bondage and Lala reacting on the other end and the few jokes that came with that.

To judge this episode on one hand it was good, giving character development to some side characters, even how they view Kimihito help give him character development in a sense as well as him furthering the path of male harem protagonist. But there is that small part that deals with introducing Lala’s character that bothers me. But since the preview for the final episode only showed series clips to this point, I can only hope that the final half will deal with Chapter 30, and some other chapter before that. Since Chapter 30 is probably the best way any harem series could end.


Overall Score: B

This series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America, as well as being streamed by Crunchyroll

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As always I hope you enjoyed. Anyway thoughts on this episode I would love to hear about either here or on twitter (link on the side).

– Joe