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Ok, so before I begin, school work prevented me from writing and watching episode 12. Then it became a matter of getting into some other shows, which by my twitter feed people probably know.

So, with all that said, this is going to cover episode 12 and 13 as well as do my thoughts on the series as a whole. So spoiler warning for the first two parts, but when I talk about the series as a whole it should be spoiler free. Since I watched 12 and 13 back to back, I am just going to mentally make it as a single episode for thoughts about it, anyway enough of that and time to get started.

The Plot:

So, episode twelve takes place sometime after episode eleven. Shiragami is starting to act a little cold toward Kuromine and has been avoiding him for several days. He asked if she wanted to eat with him, she ran off, he brought back the movie he borrowed, she did not hold a gaze with him and so on.

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So, after Kuromine deciding to try to walk home with Shiragami it switches to Class Rep. She is walking the halls being bothered by the fact of what happened the previous episodes and fear that Shiragami and Kuromine are starting to separate and she does not want to see her friends separated. Then the Principle shows up to tease her, even showing a photo of Kuromine on top of her. Ultimately the teacher comes in and deals with her, but the photo remains. As Class Rep contemplates to get rid of it or not, Kuromine and Mikan show up to ask her about that photo, comedy ensues.

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The following day Kuromine has a nightmare that Shiragami is leaving, he ultimately, after getting a confidence boost from his friends, decides to try to ask Shiragami out before she could reject him. This is due to the fact she asked to meet him on the roof that day.

So as he runs to go see her, Class Rep shows up and tries to stop at nothing to make sure he does not get to Shiragami. (This goes on for a few minutes) In the end as Kuromine gets to the roof, Shiragami is whisked away from a rather large bat to end the episode.

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The Final episode starts with the group starting to drive to go get Shiragami, with their teacher driving. The Principle soon tells him that she can get them there by nightfall and the car starts to fly. The opening plays and the car is seen destroyed.

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Kuromine, Class Rep, and Shiho go to the manor while the Principle distracts her decedent for the destroyed car. So, as the three sneak into the place a giant appears, Shiragami’s father. A lot then happens, sort of. Shiragami revealed she only went home to take care of her sick mom and her dad overreacting about it. Her secret is unintentionally revealed. In the end it goes back to being a little neutral. Shiragami is uncertain what her feelings are, her dad somehow forgot the events from the previous night due to the memory erasing hammer, and the episode ends as they head back home.


Overall Thoughts:

A part of me is glad that they ended where I thought they would, at the same time, it really felt like it could have, got to stop myself here this is for series thoughts. Anyway, these two episodes, specifically the end of episode twelve and the first part of episode thirteen were really action packed as well as comedy filled. It was enjoyable, and perhaps I forgot by some sort of memory erasing device on the events that lead to that episode, but it became a little clearer when the two episodes happened on what exactly was happening. I started to remember a little bit of the early chapters of the manga for these episodes. At the same time, despite following the manga it still was well done.  The ending did feel a little rushed in a sense and did not give any real sign of Shiragami and Kuromine’s relationship. It did show the early stages. But spoilers for the manga, this was only the first 30 or so chapters and they skipped around a lot. The two do not start dating until almost chapter 90. So, although the series is comedic and the anime does do a little more focused on the relationship aspect, if you want to see their relationship actually progress, the anime is probably not the choice. Anyway, again I am getting ahead of myself. These episodes did do well, it really was the early stages of their relationship to blossom, and helped show that by having the more romance focused chapters over the comedic ones. But because of the 13 episode length, it can only be seen in the early stage.


Overall Score for Episodes 12 and 13: B (Still did good with comedy and wrapping up the early stages of the relationship)

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Overall Series Thoughts:

As a person that has read the manga, the manga is more comedic with the romance always showing up every few chapters. For the anime they focused more or at least tried to focus more on the romance aspects. It feels like am ep 8 1throughout it all it was in a sort of power struggle on which it should be more, comedic or romantic. Because the early stages that they went to are more comedic, they still tried to make it more romantic. The series I did have the worry before it because of the chapters episodic like behavior. In some cases for episodes this really showed where a lot of random things happened, other times not so much. At the same time they did skip several chapters, and “The Baking” episode is probably one of the better examples that the chapter should have not been animated for something else. It is well done in manga form for some chapters over others. I do not like comparing manga/source to the anime, unless they did a wonderful job or they could have done better, but this is one of the few times where I will since it could have done better.

But enough about the episode part. The characters each showed their role. Shiho and Mikan both got more screen time in the opening and ending, and to most people they probably thought this would be a harem series because of it. The main romance, that separates this series from a harem, is the fact that it is mostly a love triangle between am ep 11 3Shiragami, Class Rep, and Kuromine. Mikan does get a future chapter, which afterwards makes her more of a support role, but never mind that. Those two side characters did do a good job separating the fact that this is not a harem series. If they showed up more, I would be leaning towards it being a harem series. Anyway, as for the other three, they each had their individuality. Kuromine does show signs of changing, and what lengths he will go to make sure Shiragami’s secret is a secret. It is the early phase of him getting rid of that “Leaky Basket” image that he was described as at the start. More than anything he is the straight man when it comes to comedy.


This series is a little difficult to judge for me as a whole. The characters can be likeable and help set up the fact that it is a romance over harem series. The episodes and what chapters were used make it difficult in that regard. I do say good characters can help look over small details, but I do not think the characters can make up for how the episodes were done. Some did work more than others and some were more comedic, or romance focused. But even in the manga some chapters are hit and miss, the anime had the same problem as well. I did enjoy this show, just not much as I would have liked. As a whole it is difficult to say since it feels as though, it is because of reading the manga I am making this show sound a lot worse than it really is. To me, despite some episodes being good, this show is just average in general. They could have done better. But, I will say if you did happen to enjoy it, checking out the manga would be in good interest. If there is a second season, I think it will be done better now that they could go into bringing out some side characters and start straying away from some of the gags that they repeat.


Overall Score: C (Episodes vary, but again this felt average as a whole)


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So, I said this in the Monster Musume Review, but I will not be doing a weekly review next season. I have an idea for the weekly review for the winter. So, this is the last one till then. I hope you enjoyed and I would love to hear your thoughts on the series as a whole.

– Joe