So this season looks boring.

bored to death

Now in my defense I am used to watching about twenty plus shows that have caught my attention. This is due to several things, one to pass time, two in hopes of finding something good out of something that sounds alright, and to find something great. The last few seasons, not a lot have falling into that something great category. Last season I will say Monster Musume was the highlight for me, and it is up there for my top favorites. But other than that, not much really was that promising. Even the sequels were not really too.

So, this season might be one of the quietest for me since 2013 when I started to watch anime on a seasonal basis, and that winter of only watching 2 shows. So, before I really begin, let me say that I will not be doing a weekly review this season. One, being Nanowrimo, which is a writing goal and November I will be off. The other being the fact in October, I want to plan for Nanowrimo and get as close as to finishing my novel so I can try to find an agent to publish it. Another, but not main reason, my blog the last few months has really only had reviews. I have not stopped and thought of other posts to do and to me it feels a little boring because there is not much of a discussion.

This season, I am, right now only thinking of about 3 shows I am really looking forward to (that aren’t sequels). But anyway, I am only going to be doing 4 first impressions for this season, and wow it has been decreasing by the season. This year has not really been that great for anime in my opinion anyway.

So with that long exposition, let’s get started. Also before I forget, I will not be doing mid-season impressions due to Nanowrimo, I will be doing final impressions instead.


The First Impressions:

As always I am sticking to shows I do not know anything about the source material. I would also like to add I have not seen any preview for any show yet as well.

Heavy Object: Between this and One Punch Man this was the one with potential to be a weekly review. It is from the creator of Index and although I still wish a third season was announced at the ten-year celebration other than this. I will still accept it since I am curious about the series as a whole. More than likely, if I stick with this show that is, I will do a series review.

heavy object pre season

Asterisk War: This sounds like a generic Magical high school series, and so far my record for these types are bored out of my mind and dropped, or bored out of my mind yet somehow kept. I will give this show a few episodes at least before I decide, and who knows maybe it could be interesting (has high doubts).

asteric war thingy

Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan: Why this series, I have no idea. I just would like to check it out since it sounds like it might be on the lighter side of things for this season. I would not mind watching a show like that. Typically I get to look forward to it since it is calming. However because of this it will have the risk of dropping if it is on the lighter side of things. (Could not find a preview for)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: It is finally time for me to watch a Gundam series. I have several that I wish to get on my to watch list at some point. But that will not be till sometime next year or December when I have free time. This one I really am going in blind for, since most Gundam series that I have gathered are either very good or bad. So, hopefully this is a good one. I have wanted to watch one for years now. I even did a post for the 30 Day Anime challenge about it too. So, this will be the last one of the shows I will focus on.

gundam series thing pic

What Else I am Watching:

One Punch Man: I did read some of the manga, and love it. Have not read much, but I am still hoping for a 2 cour series since there is a lot that they could do and work it. Should be interesting on what they do decide to do.

K: Return of Kings: I watched this recently. I rather enjoyed the show too. The one thing I despised from the film is that it was just a set up for Season 2. So, I am just glad a second season was announced after that. So, hopefully they can expand on what they built up. There is also still one unknown king too. So maybe they will show up this season as well.

Hacka Doll the Animation: Because why not.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen: I watched the first series awhile back, as in this month much like K. Anyway, I would like to add that I am like 75% sure that this is not a sequel from the first series that came out a decade ago. Mostly since this is based on the game that came out like a year or 2 ago. So, hopefully they do well like the first series.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight: I read the manga version for a while. It is based on a light novel. It is an okay series. I do not expect much. It is a harem generic magical high school generic series. I dropped the manga, but maybe there is slight, very slight hope for this series.

Komori-san Can’t Decline: sounds interesting, possibly, but this is one of the shows I will maybe, maybe not check out.

Comet Lucifer: That sounds like it has potential. Hopefully it does. (After writing this saw the preview, does look interesting)

commet lucifer image thing

Yuru Yuri Season 3: Saw Season one and two over the summer and loved it. Cannot wait for this one. Still not sure if I will do a review on season one and two though. If it sounds like it could be interesting, please tell me.


AntiMagic Academy The 35th Test Platoon: This generic harem generic magical high school actually sounds good. I was actually tempted to do a first impression on it to. But I think something else that I have even less of a clue would be better.

Shomin Sample: I read some of the manga. It was fairly funny for a harem series. Will check it out.

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation: It reminds me of the show Bones, only it is an anime series. I really did like Bones, but due to various other shows I enjoyed more I stopped watching. Maybe this one could provide some nice mystery series, which I do not watch often, nor does appear often in anime.

Testament of  Sister New Devil Burst: Nearly dropped the terrible season 1, might not even bother with this season to save time.

Seraph of the End Second Cour: I enjoyed the first half, so, hopefully this will be good.

possible best girl

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid: Yuri battle show, not going to say more of a reason not to watch it.


Potential Series:

Noragami S2: I did not finish season 1. It was the unfortunate casualty of an accidental drop. I hope to watch where I left off before season 2 starts.

Owarimonogatari: I love the bakemonogatari series. I love how it is back to being weekly. It is just that. Well I have not seen the last series yet. I know I put this franchise at number 4 favorite shows. But since putting it on there, it has fallen a few places due to how hard it is to watch this show. So hopefully I can somehow watch the other parts before this one starts.


Okay, so I will admit there now looks like are there is a little more shows than I first thought that I would watch. Of them however I do not hold many too high on the potential that they have. It is kind of sad. But, hopefully the shows that aren’t sequels one or two will be good and I can look forward to them. I did say this year has been kind of bland for series. I watch a lot and there are always several shows each season I look forward to like crazy. Perhaps I am unknowingly growing out of anime, or maybe the shows are really not that good to begin with. I am leaning towards the second one. So, hopefully the shows that sound like they have potential do, and the shows I do not have high hopes for at least one to be surprising.


As always I am curious on what your thoughts for shows that are airing this fall and what you are thinking of watching.

Now of course after writing all of this, now I decided to watch some previews.

– Joe