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Before I begin I will like to say at the end I will briefly talk about a few others shows that I saw. So it is not just all about Heavy Object.

Alright with that out-of-the-way let me start by saying “WHY COULDN’T INDEX III BE ANNOUNCED AT THE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY INSTEAD OF THIS!!!!”

After doing a few deep breathing exercises, only to have a mini heart attack of an announcement saying Index Season 3 will not be happening yet I still have not coped with the fact that the creator of Index is having his other series, Heavy Object animated.

With Index being labeled as my second favorite show, and I am glad that it still holds up after reading the light novels and buying Season one a few months back, hopefully this show by the same creator, studio, and a few of the people who worked on the Index anime show that they still have it with some other work.

This, as of right now out of all the shows I picked to do first impressions of is one of three that are two cour. Since Gundam most likely will be, and Asterisk War is as well, but split. So, when it comes to shows that are two cour or split for that matter keeping an open mind that it might be slow for the first few episodes is understandable since they have a lot of room to work with. This show was no exception.

Heavy Object Thoughts:

The first episode was really about building on the characters and having them introduced. It was interesting, the tad info dumping at the beginning is understandable since it is the history of what is happening and really helped with the world building. Although to me there is no real sign that answers why there are wars going on, or perhaps I just missed that.

There were no real mecha battles, just slightly showing off the mechas, if the giant orb can even be called a mecha that is. Still it is rather interesting for the design and capabilities of what they can do.

The main characters, mainly focusing on the main male lead and adorable princess, well the Princess did not get we have the meat heavy objectmuch focus on. I assume she should get more focus on in the next episode. It was mainly about the male lead, Qwenthur Barbotage, unlike most people in the military he is of the lower class and he knows piloting the Object is the easiest get rich scheme. Anyway for him at least it was interesting to see exactly how he could turn out. I read a bit about what the plot for the series is, and it could turn out nicely for his character development.

For the episode overall, I really did enjoy it. It does help having that in mind when a show is two cour or split. It worked well with Gate for me knowing that with how the first two episodes were. I could see that being of use for this series too.

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Other Shows I watched:

K Return of Kings: Neko is adorable, and Seri Awashima is still as fine as ever, even though I only saw the show like two weeks ago. Still I feel a little mixed with the start of this one. It could show where this could go, especially the ending. I had a major problem with the film since it was just a prequel to the season two. So, it is hard to say. I still enjoyed it all the same like season one, it is just I can see several problems showing up later on.

Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen: I will say for this show as of right now it does not look like you need prior knowledge of the previous show that came out in 2006. I really liked the first one. There was a few throw backs to the first series too which I loved. I could see myself enjoying this as much as I did with the first and I am glad it is two cour.

utararwarmano 2

Hacka Doll: This was a cute little short. It is based on a recommendation ap in Japan, I think. It was a nice little series. So, it might be nice to watch while waiting for other shows to come out or something in between them for a quick break.

hacka doll

That is all I watched for right now.

I would love to hear what your thoughts on these shows are, or if there are other shows that are out that were good I would not mind hearing about those too.

Asterisk War First Impressions

I hope you enjoyed. Hopefully this season turns out well.

– Joe