Day 1: Your very first manga

So, I am here again doing another one of these 30 Day Challenges. Unlike the 30 Day anime challenge, which I did back when I first started blogging and did daily, this is going to be going for the next two months. Now, although I am not the greatest at math, the first two weeks will have five posts, followed by it being three days a week through November. Due to various reasons with Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month aka 50K word goal) and me not wanting this place to have no activity for the Month of November. So, with that rather long introduction. Time to get started.

pokemon adventures image

Pokemon Adventures was my first. Oddly enough this was back when I was first getting into anime. After reading the series, I did not read any manga for another year almost. I was still only just getting into anime, so manga was not really my priority nor did I have much of an interest in it. Of course after the first series of Fairy Tail ended, that is what got me reading more manga. So, although Pokemon was my first, it was not enough to spark anything when it came to reading more.

I will say I rather enjoyed the series. I would like to go back and read it again, the first series I ended up reading in a single night. But once it got to the Diamond and Pearl arc, I found it lacking and there was also the fact translations for it were not the greatest and there were plenty of chapters missing for anything beyond that first half for Diamond and Pearl. None the less this series still holds a special place as a first much like the anime and video games.

So what was your first manga? If you have not really read much manga, what have you read?

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As always I hope you enjoy. One reason why I am doing these posts is to hope to spark conversations. So I hope you enjoy these posts.

– Joe