Day 2: Your favorite manga


I think I have brought it up several times. Although in recent months an opportunity to do so has not appeared. But it is Akame ga Kill. I have the first three volumes as of right now. I started reading the series before the anime was announced, although that was only by a month to a month and a half before. But after reading and getting into it, I just loved it so much for whatever reason to the point of labeling it as my favorite. To me it is entertaining and it is something I get to look forward to when translations come out on a monthly basis.

mine and manga joke
I miss the humor that the early chapters have. Nothing but serious stuff now.

The art it something that is nice, but after the anime aired, the anime seemed to spoil me a little bit and in all honesty it still does. It has now entered the final arc or the road to that final arc with build up with each passing chapter. It has differed from the anime, Mine is in a coma for example instead of dying. Akame is about to fight her sister in their final battle, which will probably be similar but some how stray away from how that battle ended in the anime. Then the biggest change of all being with Tatsumi slowly dying due to his weapon. Sorry for the spoilers, but I just wanted to help point out the differences from the anime towards its ending. They did skip an arc too and changed up some events. So if you enjoyed the anime and have not checked the manga out yet, I would have to recommend it. The anime follows the mange faithfully until around chapter 39, as a heads up.

tatsumi manga

So, what is your favorite manga? Or what would you label as a manga you enjoy since you cannot decide?

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I hope you enjoy these posts and I would love to hear your answers as well. More than anything I hope these spark conversations.

– Joe