Before I begin I would like to state the one series I was planning on doing first impressions for turned out to be a 3 minute long series. I cannot really judge a series like that all too well. The series in question is Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan. So, instead of doing first impressions for that series I will be doing first impressions focusing on AntiMagic Academy The 35th Test Platoon. So I just wanted to get that out-of-the-way before starting to talk about this show here.

asterisk war title

So, after reading the plot and it sounding like a generic magical high school series only to also be a harem series for added generic-ness you would expect a series like this, which has been confirmed for split cour, would be generic filled with troupes found in both types of series. Perhaps you gave that slight bit of hope that maybe “Hey this is not generic.” Well you are wrong since it is filled with clichés found in both. Such as but not limited to, the angry female lead, the oblivious main character who more than likely will be the strongest,  and an airheaded that is possibly sadistic or does not let on as much as she does. So, the biggest question I have for this steaming pile of generic-ness, why did it turn out remotely fine?

Asterisk War Thoughts:

Alright with that introduction out-of-the-way the odd thing, after being told it is generic by seemingly everyone, the show does have some secret potential, if executed properly. The first episode was primarily introducing the characters, and only slightly hinting at a deeper mystery. Some people scattered across the web have mentioned this show picks up later one. So, I could see it happening.ASTERISK WAR GENERIC FEMALE ANGRY HAREM LEAD

However, just because it says it picks up later on does not say much about now. The Irregular at Magical High School was said to be the same, but after ten episodes of info dumping boring-ness I dropped it. There has been a countless number of magical high school scenarios were they just got boring before there was any sign of something interesting. At the same time, it typically shows itself within the first episode that “Yeah this is a snooze feast.” The odd thing is I did not feel that with this series. I can see potential in it. But, again going off the two or split cour mentality with the generic blandness of magical high school series I cannot help but to fear it falling down the same path of others before it. The harem aspect, although generic and predictable in so many ways for so many series I oddly have a feeling it might save it from being boring. It is odd to think that adding the two generic types in anime together could make something rather interesting.genericness ness asterisk wars

However who knows what could happen. This was only episode one of many. For this series in particular, I have seen few better this season, but I could see myself holding on to this one a few more weeks before knowing full well if I will have the ability to hold onto it till the end.

Alright time for the other shows to talk about.

What else I watched:

Comet Lucifer: This is an original series, so like always there is that sense of worry. It was enjoyable. But the last two seasons with Plastic comet luciefer thing imageMemories, Classroom Crisis, and even Charlotte on my mind I cannot help but to worry for what could happen. I did find it enjoyable, so I am going to do my best and not expect much from this.

Concrete Revolutio: Confusing and original. This will probably be a series that could be, depending how next episode plays out, be a show you would want to watch in one go. The reason for that being it jumps in time. So think Bacano were it is telling well two stories in this shows case at the same time. I will hold on for a few more episodes at least.

Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan and Komori-san Can’t Decline: Both were shorts and both did not show any real onsenpromise. Komori-san Can’t Decline especially being only 2 minutes. I like my shorts to provide ether a quick laugh, like Teekyuu, or something to look forward to like I cannot understand what my Husband is saying. Both of these shorts fell into neither of the categories. However Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan did come off to me as working better as a full 24 minute long series, or at the very least an 8 minute one. But at 3 minutes, it was not worth my time.

Next: Gundam Iron Blood Orphans (Thursday)

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on these shows, or other shows you watched this season.

– Joe