Gundam title thingy

Why can I not think of a non-embarrassing way to talk about mecha anime? This is my third attempt now. Not going to start why or what that was. Just never mind. I will say it was a sort of rant. But I decided to change it due to it being embarrassing and the rest is mostly a rant in some form or another anyway with a valid reason.

I also am having a really hard time trying to think of a witty way to talk about this one. I have to say the last two first impressions I really enjoyed how I set them up and delivered it. Looks like I couldn’t do that for a third time without embarrassing myself. But writing is without errors, so, although this was me mostly talking about something that no one will read, and you are probably now question what exactly was so embarrassing that I talked about that made me delete it, too bad and let’s begin.

Gundam Iron Blood Orphans Thoughts:

no pants no problam gundam

I was bored. It took me over an hour to watch, mostly went on twitter during that time. Yet, this was the first episode. So it had to build up. The characters I could not find real interest in or could see in the future, unless they do something insane later on. To me there is no real energy. There is always, even in a serious show, one character that tends to stand out for various reasons.  Psycho-Pass Season One I view as an exception since it stayed interesting, it did not dive into really anything, but focused on the crime. This show went straight into political and other things that personally I did not really find interesting.

Great, or even sometimes good characters can always make up for plot, unless that plot is so boring and the show is super slow-paced, Breaking Bad and Gochousa. That is what I always feel. However, no matter how great or good the plot is, for example Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, if I cannot like the characters, and the ones I did like were hardly ever around and the ones I hated where always around, then a show gets difficult to watch. Because of this reason if I cannot find any good qualities or liking characters, then I might drop this show. If I feel neutral to most, hate few, mecha gundam thingand love a few, I keep the shows. However if it is mostly bad and neutral for the characters, more than likely I drop it.

I cannot say much, the mecha battle seemed to me thrown in at the end to get the plot moving and nothing more or it felt too sudden. This show to me for starters I hope it does not ruin future attempts to watch Gundam. But, if the characters do not get out of neutral, or I cannot view a way of really liking them this series will be dropped. But, because the 2 cour thing I always do. I need to give it a few more episodes before ultimately deciding if I will keep it or not since it is still too soon to say.

Before I go into what else I am watching. I have been recommended both Gundam 00 and Seed. If there are any in particular you think I should watch over this one or the ones above. Please tell me.


What Else:

Alright this season is getting boring or really lacking in something. Nothing really has stood out from anything I watched. I mean One Punch Man probably will, but I keep forgetting to watch it.

Yuru Yuri S3: Of course, this also being another exception. I did like the first two seasons, the ovas that aired recently. Oddly when this aired it lacked something. I just was not sure what. Well, who knows what that is. It was still enjoyable regardless.

animes version of bonesBeautiful Bones: This was good. Female lead is potential for best girl this season. It is interesting, but as for really grabbing my interest and looking forward to it on a weekly basis, it is too soon to say. Still it feels like it will be one of the better shows this season.


WOW I only watched 3 anime series since Monday. This season really is lacking in what I watch during the week. The other show, is actually Anti Magica Academy. There also looks like there are only two others shows I am looking out for. This season is really lacking in what interests me, granted, there are two shows I have not checked out that already aired nor really show much of an interest in either. But for now they are not that high to watch. So, just wow there is nothing and I never watched this few amount of shows before in a very long time.


AntiMagic Academy The 35th Test Platoon (Sunday)

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on these shows. If anyone could answer my question above please do so that would be very appreciated.

– Joe