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When coming across Asterisk wars having the magical high school generic-ness and the harem generic-ness, I actually enjoyed it. Then when it comes to Anti-Magic Academy it to has the same qualities, only much more so to the point where it felt as the writers were injected by some sort of “Let’s do every single cliché ever in an episode one” wonder drug. But due to this, does it mean that this could be a contender for one show that has somehow gone beyond the generic-ness level and transcended into something more…….whoops probably meant that last sentence to be for Asterisk War. Anyway time to begin.

Anti-Magic Academy Thoughts:

that one pic that has been showing up when mentioning this series
Everyone did this one……so it kind of makes sense that I would.

It was generic, super generic. The“I am going to kill (Insert Titans, witches, mutants, ect here)” showed up. The fiery red head. Oblivious, yet kind main character who is a perv, probably. Magic and other things and stuff, blah blah blah. This first episode, it really felt like they could not decide which lines would be more generic. There was also the fact it felt like it was turning into a mecha series, which this season, besides harems, magical high school, already has a lot of. Might as well get the trifecta all into this one series.

now it is a mecha series I guessBut, despite all my complaints and forseeing the fact that this series probably will not get better. There is still that micro-fraction of hope when it comes to that single line the main male lead when he accidentally touched the fiery red heads chest, since that was generic and he even slipped, which was also generic too. “I like flat chests.” I do not think I ever heard a main lead say that before. So, I am giving, not really, a clap for you for doing the least generic thing that could be found in that entire episode.

To me for this show it is odd. It is generic, and no matter how much I bash it, unless I unintentionally drop it, I probably will keep it since between Monday to Thursday only three shows air and this one is one of them. This is a boring season. I might as well stick to this show for now.

this is true

What else I watched:

troll youThe Testament of Sister New Devil Burst: For starters I beat you thought I was going to do the obvious picture of the two main girls being in the doggy costumes. Well this show is terrible. Not sure why I am watching the second half. Please, avoid if you avoided season one, it is not worth it. Yet here I am still saying that and watching it. Piccard Face Palm is needed for this one.

for pervsValkyrie Overdrive Mermaid: Yuri battle series. Very ecchi, lot more than I thought. I could also only find the uncensored version. While some people would say that is a good thing, to me not so much. It was okay, just not much known plot wise what is happening. I probably need to find a censored version to actually watch and enjoy it.

ONE PUNCH MANOne Punch Man: FINALLY I WATCHED IT!!!! This was worth the wait. If there are any shows this season that are not bland nor I find boring this one will be it. I really enjoyed the first episode, and it did help focus on the main character. Although I only read some of the manga, I am going to do my best to hold back from reading more until the anime is done. But, FINNALLY SOMETHING I ENJOY!!!

Shows I have not checked out: latest Monogatari series, still need to watch the last one. My plan is this week. Hopefully I will. Norogami, I also would love to finish season one for. Garo’s latest sounds good. I dropped last year’s one, but this show has nothing to do with the previous one.

So, that is it. Like I said in the Pre-season post I am not doing midway impressions. Instead final impressions come December.

I would still love to hear what you are watching and what you think of this season as a whole so far.

As always I hope you enjoy.

– Joe