Day 6: Your favorite character

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Not sure why but whenever I think favorite character I always think the character has to be male. I am never sure why. I mean I label a lot of female characters as “Best Girl” but that seems like it is something different all together. So, now trying to set my mind that Best Girl falls into this category, it is still a little difficult to say who.

Manga is odd for me in comparison to manga, where I can label someone as “Best Girl” or as my favorite character or whatever. So, this is one of these questions that is rather difficult to answer.

I read a lot of comedies, harems, and just plan shonen. Even then there is not really a favorite character in any of the harems, Monster Musume especially difficult even with the anime on who is Best Girl.

Now I have a faint idea who that character is, but he then falls into the category for another day as the main focus, so I will not use him just to keep these from going stale with using the same series over and over again in some way or another.

rin is stops shiho
Rin is the granddaughter from the future. Anyone is curious on the chap it is 77.

Alright, after thinking I have decided. This one was one that popped into my head. She is a character that does not appear so often. When she does, well she can be one major source of humor, Charismatic Pervert II aka Shiho Shishido from Jitsu wa Watashi wa. Not sure why but I really did enjoy her character. Even in the anime she sometimes stole the show away by simply acting as herself. The anime I will say you on see her in her early stages, but the manga you see the more destructive force of her perverted-ness, so much so that in the future all men and women have become perverts under her control, thus having Kuromine’s granddaughter show up from the future to stop her before that happens. Of course being labeled as II is due to her mother, whose face has never been shown even, being more of a one than her. There was even a point where they even questioned if she was doing the perverted act on purpose, although it did not get them anywhere. Although I am never a real fan of the perverted character male or female, Shiho has to be one of the few or even only character that is the exception.

So who is your favorite character?

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As always I hope you enjoy. I would love to hear your thoughts on these posts as well. One reason why I am doing this is top hope this starts conversations.

– Joe