Day 7: A manga you stopped reading but wished you didn’t

one punch man artThis one is actually an easy one for once. It actually has a show that is airing too, One Punch Man. I only read the first 20 or so chapters. I started to read it a few months back, but I only read it for a few days. I really enjoyed it from the art, the fights, and humor. It was very enjoyable. It came pray to the one that I accidentally stopped reading since I did not feel like reading. Plus school work got in the way more than likely. However, I plan on starting to read it again, hopefully that is. But this will be after the anime is over. I would like some of it to be a surprise and most of the time when I read the manga before I either get bored or the anime has not lived up to my expectations for it. I do not want that to happen to this series, so it is on hold for a little while longer.

I should add that this series just recently came out in the North America by Viz Media. The first two volumes were recently released in paperback, while up to volume 8 is available digitally.

Is there a manga you stopped reading but did not want to? Why did you stop reading it?

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As always I hope you enjoy these posts. I would love to hear your opinions on these subject matters.

– Joe