Day 8: The most annoying character

the faces         This is a tricky one. This I view falls under the category much like who is my favorite, or who I enjoy, ect, ect. This still is a tricky one since well, if I find a character annoying, and writing this sentence I realized who it is, but the entire cast of Nisekoi.

Alright, so I do like Chitoge, sort of. In all honesty, and trust me this will not be the last day I talk about this series. This is now getting difficult in the sense of what to talk about here. I will just focus on the characters.

That face            The main lead is oblivious at times, typical for a harem lead. Yet he still puts way to much focus on this one girl when he himself does not really know too much about her. Also for something that he holds so important in that charm, one he turns down all possibilities to open it and loses it way too much. Chitoge gets too angry at the drop of the hat over little things too and not just the big ones that could cause a justly reaction for. Onodera is quiet, is viewed like a goddess by the main character, but nothing is really focused on her and she does not really show any more than just a plain two-dimensional (in terms of personality) character. Tachibana, she is just too pushy and is too obsessed with trying to look perfect to the one she loves that she herself does the things she does not like to please him and has no true sense of who she really is because of it. It feels like I could go on with this. But in all honesty a lot of people like this series and this is just going to annoy them.

Also I read the first 100 chapters, so please do not say anything along the lines of “well you just didn’t get far enough.” I got far enough to say all that.

Nisekoi is licensed in North America by Viz Media.

So, who is the most annoying character for you? Can be a group, or even for an anime on this one.

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