Day 13: The most epic scene ever

This one is so easy. I brought this up in the Fairy Tail Tartarus Arc discussion post, at least I think since that was written back in January. Before I continue, spoilers for both the anime and manga since I don’t think the anime animated the scene yet.

Natsu_and_IgneelAnyway, the fight with Natsu versing the King of the Underworld, while Igneel fights  Acnologia at the same time. Wow, that was just amazing. Seriously, I cannot wait till it is animated. If it already is, I really got to catch up, since lately for the last few months it has been a struggle to watch this series. Not sure why, it just has. But, just wow, so amazing. This fight was for several chapters too since it was switching between the two perspectives. But then there were some scenes with both attacks going at once, such as the image I will be using. Just thinking about it in some cases it is just breath-taking and it was a fight I did not expect to happen any time soon since Ingeel came out of nowhere for this fight to happen. I will easily recommend to go read this arc, if not then these chapters, since Igneel’s return is at chapter 400. But wait till the anime is done with this arc. I cannot stretch that enough. This is easily one of my favorite fights for the series as a whole to date.

What is your most epic scene ever?

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As always I hope you enjoy. I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

– Joe