Day 15: The saddest scene

best girl fate sad face
Major Spoiler warning. Even using a pic to hide the real thing.

Any death from Akame ga Kill for the first time. I was going to say spoilers and go on talking about the death. But in all honesty spoilers, and major spoilers for this one. I cannot stress how much of a spoiler it is for this one. If you value everything about Fairy Tail and watch the anime but not read the manga. Do not continue reading this.

goodbye igneelIgneel’s death. It completely caught me off guard. It happened in an instant, and I thought Aquarious disappearing was sad, Igneel returning, only to die several chapters after his return was heart reaching. My lord, I mean I could see some reason for him not to return after the arc, or something minor in the next. But dying, granted in an epic battle, it just caught me off guard. It was just so sad.

Although I said I want to try to mix it up, do not be surprised considering the last few of these have been Fairy Tail based. Although I would like to mix it up, it is not happening with this one. This was just too insane not to do.  So, Igneel will be missed. That is for certain.

So, what is the saddest scene? (If you do decide to do a spoiler, say spoiler warning and the series)

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As always I would love to hear your answer for these posts. I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe