Day 16: A manga you feel you should read but can’t

Cover of Chapter 6.

Now, this one I will view as there is no one doing translations for, which is why I could not read, or I just do not feel like it. In all honesty there are a few I want to read, but in no rush to. Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid is the first to come to mind. I don’t really see it getting a second season. Personally I wish they just used the actual continuation that follows best Yuri couple Nanoha and Fate.  I want to read to know what happens next and where exactly they go. I love the franchise so I want to know where it goes obviously. But that manga that does follow them, titled Force, is not even translated I believe.

One of my biggest fears when it comes to an anime adaptation is that it ends on a cliffhanger and never gets a sequel. This happens often sometimes. Other times when it deals with adapting material it ends at a certain point where either the need for more anime is needed to continue or it just felt incomplete where it ended.

How the sequel spin-off anime ended, is just that. They started the battle tournament, and did not finish it. Look at what the names for some chapters are, and there is over 65, with translations stopping in the fifties, that the tournament is still ongoing at times. Personally I wish the anime gave it an original ending. I would not mind, the first three series were all original shows. Even the first series was a spinoff of an adult visual novel, which had nothing to do with Nanoha what so ever. So, my qualms stem from the anime and one reason why I should read it. But with translations being nonexistent for the last year, it is unlikely I will find motivation to do so any time soon. Since I do not want it to end up like Sekirei where the manga translations stopped about 10 chapters away from the final chapter.  I would prefer the manga to be translated fully before thinking of reading it.

What is a manga you would like to read but can’t? Do you have a particular reason why?

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As always I hope you enjoy. I would love to hear your thoughts on the question as well.

– Joe