Day 17: A manga that you feel embarrassed about liking

boku girl cover
Chapter 6 Cover.

At first I would have responded with Monster Musume, but I did the weekly reviews of it over the summer, so not so much anymore for being embarrassed. This one is a little tricky, at least I am making it out to be a lot more tricky than it should be. The only one, well more of a genre that comes to mind, is the gender bender genre. So be it a guy turning into a girl, which is the vast majority of cases. Even then a few series comes to mind. Samurai High School has a brother and sister switching places. Another one, which the name I forget, is a harem series and the guy is thought to be a girl for a long time by all the girls around him, but those two are cross dressing ones. Then Boku Girl, which the boy gets turned into a girl, but he tries to hide the fact he is a girl, since he already has a girly appearance and wants to get close to the girl he likes, although I am rather behind on this one and only read the first 30 or so chapters.

Not sure why this particular genre I find embarrassing, granted the examples I gave were all for comedy series. Which I read a lot of already. But we all have things we enjoy that others would think is weird which makes us embarrassed. We all more than likely have a series that we like that we have no idea why.


What is your embarrassing Manga you like? Don’t worry I won’t judge and I am serious look what I wrote.


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As always I hope you enjoy. I also am doing my best on Nanowrimo right now, so posts might be delayed from the normal time they come out. Sorry in advance and I hope you enjoyed. (Also just realized I need to end with enjoyed now since this is at the end and using enjoy is improper given the context, so yeah, I called myself out on that one)

– Joe