Day 18: Favorite BL/yuri couple

wuvvy dovey
I cannot remember when I took the screen cap, silly me. But I believe this is from chap 15 or 16.

At first I thought this would be difficult, but then I remembered I read a lot of Yuri manga. Wife and Wife, Yuricam, but I think the one that I like the most has to be from Citrus, which I am very tempted to picking up at the book store. Anyway Yuzu Aihara, she gets transferred to a new school and is told her mother has gotten remarried, which she gets a new step sister, Mei. Over time the two fall for each other and question if it is alright. So I mean you get the forbidden yuri relationship with quisi-incest (mostly since they are not related by blood and only know each other for a short time). Major downside to the series is translations are slow, and the series is bimonthly. Which is why I am thinking of buying it.  Anyway, if you like yuri series, this would probably one to read. It was one of my first unintentional reads and I enjoyed it.

Citrus as mentioned above, is licensed in North America and by Seven Seas Entertainment. I also really need to remember to start saying who the mangaka is (just to give proper credit), and in this case it is Saburouta.


What is yours? (Mostly looking at you OG-Man for this)

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe