twitter page

Hello, this is sort of a little update, pretty informal one than usual too, that I wanted to come out with. I have thought about this idea for the past few weeks, and I even asked people on twitter their thoughts. Although I have gotten mixed views and some that really do not care about the matter. I personally feel like I should do this.

For those that follow me on Twitter, I tweet a lot and you know that. Although with school I have been tweeting less than I did over the summer, I still tweet a lot and it feels as though whenever a new blog posts comes out it could be over shadowed by all my tweets.  So I wanted to create a new Twitter account that is just for blog stuff. This will be just blogging thoughts, polls, maybe, on a post idea and stuff like that, which I will not post on my normal Twitter. I really want this to help bring more of the community to be more connected to my blog and have a say on what is going up.

At the same time all my posts will still be linked to both accounts, so, if you don’t feel like following, that is fine, it is there and I would like to hope that this might expand the Reviewer’s Corner. It is just that any quick and important update for my blog will probably be up on that twitter, unless it is an absolute worse case scenario.

So, feel free to follow, or ignore it, or whatever you like. I would appreciate it since one it helps me know that people actually read my stuff, just saying. I personally will not follow back on that twitter. I only follow myself, and Animecorps, seeing that I am the editor in the shadows there. But normal twitter I always follow bloggers back and add them to my list of bloggers.

Hopefully this turns out for the better. Also hopefully I can actually do more within the Twitter community to connect it to my blog in some way on something.

Personally I would love to use other social media, but I don’t use any others, so sorry.

Main Twitter: @josefcd904

Blog’s Twitter: @reviewercorner1

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic too if you think this was a good idea, I would really appreciate that and as always be it here or on twitter.

– Joe