Day 20: A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much

That face
Worst Girl shock…….I have no memory of what chapter I got it from since reaction faces are every page.

Nisekoi, simple as that. So, let me go over the little story with how I went about with it and the two years of dealing with it.

So, going back to when the anime was first announced, I was curious about it, so I started reading it online for a bit. This got me to around chapter 40 in a few days’ time. After that it became victim to the “me not feeling like reading it anymore or something like that.” So that ended my reading of the series.

Then the anime premiered and I got through the first nine episodes, before not feeling like watching it any more. I did not really have that state of mind now with anime where I can get annoyed over certain tropes that get over used. Personally I did not really see it that much and forgot about the series as a whole.

So, that brings to this year with the second season airing. Anitwitter and several bloggers talked about the series which got me curious again. I tried and failed to finish the first season of the anime. The manga I started to read up again and stopped at around 100.

Now that I became used to blogging and started to view anime differently as well as this year being boring in anime series being critical of series has become easier. So, seeing the fact that countless number of tropes appears in this series. The manga has the repetition of trying to avoid any sort of plot progression, by the means of opening the locket or trying to. It was broke once, but after being fixed, and lost numerous times, it was decided that they would not open it. To top it off the girls, although get equal time together, after a while a new female character is introduced to be added to the group. But this is not the reason why I stopped. Yes I will admit it was kind of funny, but after seeing, Frog-kun’s discussion about a later chapter and one of the more recent ones about how the locket again was lost only to be ignored the following chapter. Motivation to read a series that continues down the same path for well over a hundred chapters really did not make me want to read more of it.

So, with what I said, it might make sense that I would respond with dislike of the harem genre because the fact that virtually all series have the same tropes. (Before I go any further I have told myself I am not watching any more series that deal with the guy being the only one with the ability that is found in girls, that one is just a lazy reason.) Anyway, at some point all harem series have plot progression and diverge away to some degree of other harem series. Nisekoi the only thing that it has done is take those tropes and put it on rinse in repeat. For all I know maybe it changed. Personally I do not want to waste my time reading another 80 chapters just to see that happen.

Series need to mix things up and not continue just for the sake of continuing. Yes, it is fine to try to do something that was done earlier but trying to do it differently, every once and awhile. But when all a series is doing that, it gets boring and it makes it really not worth it knowing that by the time you finish, you could have finished reading it about a hundred chapters earlier or more.

This has become the longest post for 30 Day Manga Challenges, so I am going to stop it here because I can rant on and on about this main fact, but I too would be putting it on rinse and repeat and would become no better than this series.


Nisekoi, although I would never buy it but for those that are wondering, is licensed in North America by Viz Media and is writing by Naoshi Komi.

More than anything I would love to hear yours and why for  a manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much, so please comment.

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