Day 21: A manga that deserves more recognition

This one is a really hard, yet easy one. I only say that this one is hard, since it can be hard to gage what exactly is popular and what is not. I am going to say a Silent Voice aka Koe no Katachi. But my only counter argument to this is that everyone who has read it says that it needs more recognition. It is also a series I feel that when you come out and say the name, everyone recognizes it and responds that it needs more recognition.

In all honesty on the top of my head I can pull out a handful of AniBlogers that have responded with the same reaction when dealing with this series. Even looking on MAL it holds out pretty high being popular. This is literally one of those series that if you heard of, you probably read it, if you have not, and then you did not read it. It is due to this fact, that I cannot really bring myself to choose this series for this day.

Real answer time:

My Wife is Wagatsuma-san
Cover of Volume 1

            I still have no clue. After going through my list, there are few series that I read and I am like, “YES WHY DON’T PEOPLE READ THIS!” The only one that could come close is the fact that Rosario Vampire screwed up so much in the anime adaptation the only things they had in common was the title and characters really. It is really hard to say what it would be. My standards for this answer is a series that has been translated often and is far into the run depending if it is weekly or month, or is completed. No real series is coming to mind for it, which is very odd.

Although there is one that faintly comes to mind. Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yoma or known in English as My Wife is Wagatsuma-san. It is completed at 111 chapters. I only bring this series up because I read all those chapters in the span of 3 days. I got really into it after being curious since I heard it was ending. Basically it is a coming of age tale, a geeky guy wants a girlfriend, he wakes up 10 years in the future to see he is married to the most popular girl in school. So he does whatever it takes to make that future a reality, especially after he learns how easily the future can change. My only real problem with it is I wish the ending was slightly better. Other than that it was still an enjoyable series all the way though. Also realized I think it ended a week after Silent Voice did, so I read both these series within a week from each other.


My Wife is Wagatsuma-san and Silent Voice is both licensed by Kodansha Comics USA. My Wife is Wagatsuma-san written by Yuu Kuraishi is digital release only, while Silent Voice written by Yoshitoki Ooima is both. Both are available on Cruchyroll Manga as well.


So, what manga do you feel needs more recognition? 

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