Before I begin with my usual stuff, this review was meant to go up a few months ago, as well as this being the last review of this set up. So I hope you enjoy.

Throughout my summer I would probably put this show that started my habit of staying up later and watching anime late at night. This helped the trend of several shows that I reviewed to this point. As a side note I got the idea to watch this show after seeing OG Overlords thoughts from his blog. Anyway enough of the random filler to start off and let’s just go right into talking about this Yuri Mecha Romance series from way back in the day of 2004.

The Plot:

Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya are two high schoolers in the village known as Mahoroba. Unknowingly they are both the solar and lunar mikos (priestesses) reincarnations. This knowledge about who they were, although completely forgotten by them till almost the end, was not told to them until the first of eight heads of the ancient enemy Orochi on their 16th birthday. Soma Ogami, one of the heads was sent to kill them. He rejects that fate of having to kill Himeko in order to defend her. Now the three, try to awaken Ame no Murakumo in order to defeat this threat.

The Characters:

himekoHimeko Kurusugawa:
The reincarnation of the Solar priestess. She is a shy girl who does not have much faith in herself. She has known Chikane for a while and is unaware of her feelings for her. She has feelings for Soma, her childhood friend to the point where they start dating. She loves photography and taking pictures of her close friends. She meets Chikane in secret due to the fact that she herself does not believe she is worthy to be near her, since Chikane is viewed as a princess of sorts at the academy they both attend.

chikaneChikane Himemiya: Best girl and not because her VA is the same as Saber’s or the fact she uses a sword at some points and seemingly all best girls I am noticing wield swords. She is the lunar priestess reincarnation. She is comes from a rich family, is elegant, noble, and is basically seen as the person that could make the perfect wife in both elegance, and just about any sort of talent. Although is seen as some sort of goddess to all male and female students at the school, all but Himeko actually talk to her, and all make sure no one talks to her.  She is jealous of Soma from trying to go out with Himeko, but pushes the two together despite her affection for Himeko, whom she would do anything for.

soma from that yuri mecha showSoma Ogami: As previously mentioned at some points, he pilots the mecha, has a crush and would do anything to protect Himiko. At the same time being part of that ancient enemy he is constantly fighting his inner demons to stay in control and to not give into that part of him in order to protect them.

Overall Thoughts:

(So, this is the point where I am not continuing after months of not watching it and working on the review I am skipping bonus and minus points section as well)

yuri mecha stuff 1         This show to me, had me entertained. Looking back on the fact I watched it months ago, there is not really many scenes that stick out to me compared to other shows I watched over the summer. It was enjoyable and I really did like the shows approach. Despite being yuri, it was mostly focused on a straight relationship for the majority and only the ending was actually a yuri ending. At the same time it was building up that yuri relationship throughout and it was not just an instant sort of thing that most yuri series that I have seen have a tendency of doing.  Added bonus for the fact Saber’s talented VA doing the role of my favorite character to, not because of the voice because of the character.

This show had a lot of monster of the week stuff, to me this cannot really work in shows nowadays. It does work better with the older animation and the time period. Not sure why I just think it does. This series was enjoyable for what I do remember and it really surprised me with its ending. Anyway, other than that the show was enjoyable and it really set out to do the main thing that I wanted it to, pass time at night before going to bed and just passing time in general. It was enjoyable and although I cannot see myself wanting to re-watch it again, I am still rather glad that I did. Looking back at old tweets to see how I reacted to the final episode, I got a lot of funny moments that gave me time to relax and unwind. Like probably the two tweets I will use somewhere on this post.

Overall Score: C (Could have easily been better, but it was enjoyable)

As always I hope you enjoyed. This is as I mentioned the last type of review of this nature. All reviews, (excluding weekly) will be more critical in focus. To start off it will be the one year anniversary of my first review and a re-review of Date A Live.  The Reviewer’s Corner now has an official twitter as well. It can be found on the side.

– Joe