Day 22: A manga you wish didn’t exist

This one is difficult. By wishing something didn’t exist means that I must really hate it. However not always. In all honesty if you like at it in the way of if it didn’t exist, what would that mean. Look at the Dragon Ball manga, if that did not exist, then the anime wouldn’t which would mean a lot of people did not get into anime. Same goes from if Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach did not exist for that same reason. However I need to change this day, since even Nisekoi I do not hate to the extent I wish it never existed.


Day 22: A manga you wish didn’t exist anymore.

This one is a little tricky. There are not many long running series that I read. At the same time there is series that I heard about that are ongoing. Personally after hearing what Bleach has turned into, I wish it ended a long time ago, in the arc I stopped watching the anime. This deals with the anime, since that is all I saw. The battle against, basically the main villain up to that point, I forget his name. Apparently the manga, has taking on the notion of bringing about new characters and not really establishing the ones. The fights drag on and what not. Unfortunately I am going off what someone else said, so I do not full fully alright in using this as a response.

So, let’s try this again for a third time.

Day 22: A manga you question what would happen if it didn’t exist

dragon_ball_z    This bring us back to Dragon Ball and any of what was known as the Big Three, since let’s face it the only one at this time that is still popular is One Piece.  Really, if any of the manga that helped the west get into the Japanese pop-culture such as manga or anime did not exist, granted there would be something else that takes its place, but at the same time it might not be as big as it was at the time. Dragon Ball to this day is still super popular, that is why Super exists, and the only means for the creator to still be considered a mangaka, since Dragon Ball is a one hit wonder. I hate to say that but it is true with his work is not that popular after DBZ. But I think out of all of them if Dragon Ball did not exist, a lot of anime would not either. The manga help inspired a lot of manga as well. It is really a mystery on what would be if Dragon Ball was not a thing.

All the manga I mentioned are licensed in North America by Viz Media, they are all written by their individual creators as well.

So, what would your answer be for any of these?

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As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject matter. I hope you enjoyed. I am also thinking of expanding upon this post later on in a larger discussion, it is only a thought, but maybe not who knows.

– Joe