Day 23: Best manga villain

Zeref Angry Zeref smash
Zeref from chapter 220 of the manga.

Zeref from Fairy Tail easily. The villain is always important. A story can only be good as the villain and their goals. Without the villain a series can fall flat. Now, Zeref has a lot of levels to his character and was built up since way before he even made an appearance. The Lullaby arc, one of the first arcs dealt with a demon from Zeref’s book.

Before I go any further this will contain spoilers for the manga and major spoilers at that.

Ok, with that out-of-the-way time to continue more.

Zeref plays so many important roles, from the founding of Fairy Tail, to being Natsu’s brother. I said it, so there if you did not know that, you do now. Natsu’s full name is, well I don’t remember, but it is END.

zeref and spoilers and stuff
Zeref from chapter 436 of the manga, needless to say it was a flashback chapter.

Anyway, in Fairy Tail Zero, the prequel, he and best girl Mavis fall in love. He teachers her magic as well as the other founding members of Fairy Tail. He becomes immortal trying to save his brother, Natsu from dying. He was cursed to kill anything he is near the more he loves life, which is why death is around him.

It is due to this Zeref for starters he does not really come off as the main villain for this series. He is built up as that, but perhaps he is not. I have had the theory for some time now dealing with all the reasons that just came into play. But still he is a tragic villain. He loves life, his brother, and Mavis. But he cannot be with any of them. He wants to die as well, and Natsu is the only one capable of doing that.

With how much over the chapters and arcs Zeref has been seen as the villain, Lullaby, Tower of Heaven, Oracion Seies, Tenrou Island, Tartaros, Avatar, and now the ongoing and probably next to last arc Alvarez Empire.

I mean with the Alvarex Empire Zeref is the Emporer there and is waging a nation of strong wizards against Fairy Tail. The battle is massive and this will probably lead into the final battle. Now, how the series could go on without Zeref as a villain, only with Acnologia, however it has been played out that it might turn into a three-way final fight. So, no matter what happens it will be interesting to see. But with the case of Acnologia although he is the most powerful human, he does not nearly have as much of a build up as a main villain then Zeref. So, whatever happens Zeref to me will still be my favorite manga villain.

So, Fairy Tail is created by one of my favorite Mangaka, Hiro Mashima. The manga is licensed in North America by Kodansha Comics USA, and is being simulpub by Cruchyroll. Fairy Tail Zero is all the same for that except it was not simulpub.

So, what is your favorite villain?

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