Day 24: The best long manga series

Ok, so this one is Fairy Tail, however, has been brought up in about 5 of these days so far, so I really do not want it to show up anymore, as much as I enjoy it. So here is another day change. Now what that is, I cannot really say, well, yeah I can.

Day 24: The longest running manga you own

There, now this one cannot be Fairy Tail although out of all the long running manga I have Fairy Tail I have the most volumes of. However it is not the longest running one that I own. I own Negima omnibus volumes 1-2, and the one for today, Oh My Goddess Omnibus Volume 1.

oh my godess omnibus
I love the cover of Omnibus 1.

Oh My Goddess went from the 80s to just last year. So, any manga I say really cannot top it in terms of how long it has been going on. The series completed with, I want to say, 308 chapters. I might be wrong on that, not really sure. I did bring this up with favorite manga couple, although I am still reading Omnibus one, I really like the series. I hope to collect them all, not sure how long it will take. But the series is enjoyable and it is interesting to see that some of the things that happened reminded me of the anime, while other events were left out of the anime. Such as a year passing in like 15 chapters. I doubt time passed that quickly later in the series, especially since only Urd just showed up. But still. This series is enjoyable and since it lasted for 26 years something had to have been done right to make it last that long for a monthly series.

Oh My Goddess is written by Kosuke Fujishima and is licensed in North America by Dark Horse Comics.

What is yours for either? 

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe