Day 27: A manga you would never buy

Like I say later this is an old picture, I have a lot more.

Today, this one feels like it does not have enough detail to it. So, if I added a manga you like that you would never buy it makes more sense. It is just the obvious answer for this one would be a manga I hate, if I hate it why would I buy it? Anyway enough about that. This one is a little tricky since there are so many manga I wish to buy, but I have no idea what I would not.

12 Beasts maybe, although fan translations have stopped, and this is the creator of Monster Musume and it comes out every other month. I mean I want to get it just to know what happens since unlike Monster Musume this one has action to it, and it is interesting to see, even if the monster girl ecchi factor comes into play.

Another series that I would like to buy is Citrus, I brought this up on whatever day My Favorite Yuri couple is. I like the series, it is enjoyable and again Fan translations are behind.

I think what is left out is more Akame ga Kill, Silent Voice, several more Fairy Tail Vol, Oh My Goddess, and not sure, but there is probably something missing.

Although I keep my hobby of being into anime and manga a secret I  would not mind showing my parents my manga, with the exception of Monster Musume which has its own private area hidden in my room away from the other manga for obvious reasons. However, because my parents have the wrong idea and get it confused with Hentai, my hobby will be kept a secret. So a manga I would not buy would be one that is too expensive, since I am poor, and too large, since there is only much questioning I can do with the fact I have over 50 volumes hidden in my room and how I keep it hidden.

It is just as simple as that. I probably used the picture of all the manga I had. Seriously, that is not all of it since that picture is outdated, and I have no idea how I hide as much as I do.

What would be a manga you would not buy?

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– Joe