Day 28: A manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature

Today is pointless. Literature is defined as a writing work. In some cases it is defined as a published work as well. Manga is literature, so today is literally pointless and the person who thought of this challenge really did not know the mean of the word. So I am changing the day, seemingly like a majority of these, to something else.

Day 28: A Manga you think is so brilliant but the Anime Sucks

Rosario Vampire Mangacover          Rosario + Vampire, those that did read the manga, although I never finished it, partially due to my rage of the anime after reading all of the first series in a day. The anime I really liked watching it, saw the first season in a day saw season 2 in two days due to wanting it to last a little longer. Anyway the anime is really bad. So here is a few things in just the first series alone that would get your blood boiling.

1) There was not much ecchi in the manga.

Although the manga was labeled as ecchi it was fairly light compared to what the anime did. After reading the manga thinking about what the anime did in terms of ecchi quite frankly gives nightmares where the manga had hardly any panty shots compared to the anime and really felt like a different work in general.


2) There was an actual story in the manga and a dark serious one at that.

The manga was a lot darker, a lot more serious. It was a fighting drama series. Yes it was a harem, but the harem aspect 90% of the time I totally forgot about. Again unlike the anime where it only focused on ecchi and harem. The plot was dark and half way through it, and it was one reason why I read so much, was because I was questioning why the anime did not adapt it. They would have made an amazing 24 episode series, probably in my top 5, if they followed the manga faithfully with the story they have. Half the things that happened in the anime, either did not happen or were from some of the chapters that either had no relevance, or were twisted to give it more ecchi or harem.


3) Tsukune was actually useful

He is the male protagonist. He was probably the strongest in the series, especially after he turned into a ghoul about ten chapters in. It was really twisted around in the anime where he did not really get any power till the end of the second season. However in the manga it only took ten chapters for him to be the one doing most of the fighting on a chapter basis. Moka has hardly anything compared to him in some of the fights, and really she can only fight when he removes the Rosario, which is not always in an accident or ecchi manor like in the anime.

In all honesty I could go on and on about my problems with the anime compared to the manga, but this is really something for yourself to decide.

What anime do you think sucks compared to the manga? And don’t say all of them.

The manga is licensed in the US, and I really want to get it at some point, just saying.

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– Joe