This is a long post since I am thinking about what happened each month of the past year. I was thinking of maybe doing it in two parts, but to me that would kind of seem pointless, since if you did not read the first one, why bother reading the second one. Anyway as the title suggests it is time to celebrate The Reviewer’s Corner One Year Anniversary.

Before I begin to all of my followers, fellow bloggers, and friends this last year has been wonderful. So thank you every single one of you. Although I probably won’t do anything for a second year anniversary (well, not as much stuff as I am doing this year that is), here is hoping I can look back next year to on all the things that have yet to happen. Still thank you every last one of you.jump into my arms


Date a Live was the first review

I had the idea to blog about anime and manga, ironically because I thought “Like anyone blogs about anime and manga.” Turns out a lot of people did. But I really loved writing, and although my story on Deviantart never got anywhere, so much so to the point where I stopped posting online now for there and Wattpad, I wanted to blog about something I liked. There was no community there that allowed me to communicate with people, unlike here.

So, I wanted to blog, simple as that. I was not really sure what to call my site. But I viewed it as my little Corner of the web where I am a Reviewer, thus getting the name. I did not want to say Joe’s Anime Corner or Blog or something like that, mostly since starting off I wanted to focus on Anime, Manga, and Comics. Although I never really focused on the comics.

I was not really sure how to go about with blogging, since I did not really go in and look at others, not till January. But even then I was really going in blind and still am blind on what blogging is and how to be good at it. That first month I got a total of, seven posts I believe, and about 82 views, which actually surprised me looking that up.

Before I continue, hopefully going over that first month is a good lessons for those starting off blogging, it does not boom overnight or in the first two months or maybe even several. Just don’t give up when you are just starting.


The second month came and I was now more aware of other bloggers. I did not really talk to many bloggers and I was still getting the hang of the ideas that I want to do. Unfortunately I also started to notice the early signs of blogging where some that I followed, who also were beginning, already were showing signs of stopping. This was back when I had themes for each month, this one was Magic, so, and I was a little embarrassed about talking how I liked Magical girl series.

The Fairy Tail Tarturaus Arc discussion was an early post and is one of the more popular ones.

Looking back, I kind of glad that I could notice that I was embarrassed about some posts. At the same time it really shows that I changed a lot since then. Looking back at some of the writing, I may have a similar style of writing, but now it is a little more grammar free. But really what stuck out for this month I started talking to other bloggers more. Nick from AnimeCorps and Dandylion13 (who since decided to take a break from blogging) from Viewer Discretion is Advised. Those two stick out the most.


The Love Live review, the early signs of Umi being best girl and the Idol Waifu.

I did the 30 Day Anime Challenge. I cannot really remember were exactly where I thought or saw the idea of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. I think, although I am not certain, it was after hearing and looking up the 12 Days of Anime which happens around Christmas time. I will say that although there was not much happening other than that. But by doing that Challenge it really gave me more time to think about blog posts and getting used to blogging. It really feels like a lot of bloggers want to stop blogging because they don’t feel like writing or are not getting any views. I went from just 200 views to over a 1000 in just that month. It was a rather large boom which brought people to my blog. Now I do not know how to get an insane amount of views, however getting used to blogging and being persistent is the first step, and the 30 Day Anime Challenge really helped with that. I think because of that I never really felt that slump in the 6 months. I did feel the slump but not so much to the point where I would have stopped blogging.


I almost forgot about the Date a Live Theory posts, I had several ideas, but ultimately decided to stop doing those posts.

March really got me into Twitter. This is thanks to Senpai, I mean Miharusshi-chan, I mean Miharusshi from Anime Vios. Alright so Twitter does not really do a lot for my blog. But due to getting used to Twitter I became more social, more warmed up, to people not just here blogging but on Twitter as well. It did help spread the word about it, and I know of a few people from Twitter that check out my posts time to time. I talk to a lot of bloggers, some who blog as regularly as me, to ones that are bloggers who haven’t done a post in a while. I finally found a group of people to talk about anime, not just through a post and what that post was about, but just about anything from ongoing shows to older series as well. I finally found people who know what I am talking about for once. It was really nice, and I liked it because of it.


tea time
If only I could go back and not jump the gun praising this show in the first impressions.

Nothing really stuck out that happened in April. I did start weekly reviews. I did do that Collaboration with UnOtaku. But looking back there is not really that much that sticks out that I did here. I did notice that when it came to anime it was the early signs of me being more critical, and not watching shows to watch it. I watch it because I really enjoy it. I pick out ones that are bad and just got bored. I think that is what made me go from normally watching about 25 series a season to this season of less than 10, although this season might generally be boring in general. I know because of the fact that I thought I would be working with my dad over the summer building up posts and thinking of what to do for posts of the summer made it rather slow. Still, although I say something always happens in April, nothing really stuck out for this year’s April other than that.


comics collection
Comic theme month, and that is not all the comics I have. Still I would like to maybe do a discussion talking about them someday, not sure though.

That time where I wanted to make this a blog about comics, those were good times. I have not done anything about comics since. I mean on one hand I cannot really think of anything. On another hand, I am slowly getting out of comics. I would have liked to of done at least a discussion about the comics that got me into comics. But I did do a discussion about my thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe  and things like that. A part of me still wishes I could do things relating to superheroes and comics here, it is just, I do not know what I could do. Even then those posts were not really that popular and are among the least viewed posts. Although that would not stop me, it is still on my mind seeing that I want to write things people would enjoy and that I enjoy writing. I do enjoy writing them; it is just there is not much I could think about talking about that would be relevant.


In all honesty all I remember is reading a lot of manga, watching a lot of anime, and I have no idea what I did the month of June. I only remember the amount of anime and manga I read was because I was the only one home until the end of the month. My siblings were still in school, my mom still worked. Now I don’t get that freedom since my younger brother has Fridays off and my mom is unemployed. So, no more wide-screen tv to watch anime on Fridays and my collection is becoming harder to read. I remember there was prepping and talks with Deven about our Collaboration we did in July.

Also forgot there was celebrating the 6 months of doing this.

After back tracking in my posts, all I really did this month was Award posts since I was nominated for an insane amount. I think I only got nominated for one other since then, not sure. But it was for almost two weeks straight of just award posts. They all seemed to blend, so it made sense why I don’t really remember what happened that month. There was also the fact I was finishing the Yamada and the Seven Witches review, which one felt like I had to force myself to do it since I was not too into the anime as I would have liked. So, I think if I run into that problem I might just stop doing review on it and explain why.


musume 8 4
Although this was from episode 8 and not from something that came out in July, I still wanted to use a Monster Musume pic.

Well, Monster Musume, and Actually I am reviews happened. I am actually surprised how well I did doing both of those series on a weekly basis for reviews. I did not mind doing those reviews and only having nothing but reviews coming out from July to September seemingly, it is just I really wish I could have done something else besides just the weekly reviews. There was the Collaboration with Deven. That was the last one and I really wish I could do more Collaborations with other blogs. I just need to figure out who and what we could do. That always seems to be the tricky part.


the mask
Mid-season impressions were a thing like always, also I still have yet to finish this show. Silly me.

Reviews, lots and lots of reviews. Also I watched Kiddy Grade which gave me the void for the first time in a long time after I finished it. I really want to watch it again. This is another month were I am struggling to remember what happened exactly.

Of course now looking back all I did was reviews. I did not do anything else. No wonder why I am drawing a blank. Really wish I did something else. I know I stopped Top Fives since I wanted to revamp them in some way or another. That and I were running out of ideas, luckily a lot of ideas have been given to me so that should be set for a while.

Now I am at that awkward point in the post where I stopped a few times only to come back again. Well, at least it is easy since I am just focusing on a month basis, also how this only happens in these posts.


There was nothing. School started back up again for my senior year. Classes and getting used to school again took priority. The only real things that came out where reviews, both series and weekly.

am ep 10 4
Not a lot of Jitsu Wa Watashi wa pictures compared to Monster Musume, but I always went for the silly ones.

I did start being the “editor in the shadows” over at Anime Corps, funny enough the first one I edited was the award nomination that I nominated them for. But, I am not here to talk about that blog, I am here to talk about mine, so that is all I will say in that matter.

There was also a lot of planning from what I remember. Although I did not get much done on the blog, the thoughts of National Novel Writing Month were on my mind. Which was why I was doing a lot of planning, between what would happen come November, should I do a weekly review if it means that I will stop for a month, and when will I work on posts for the One Year Anniversary. I am also like 50% sure I started what is probably the longest post I have been working on and one that has so much thought into it I am rather proud of. It also has yet to come out, The Sub vs Dub Discussion, which I want to, say written out, it is nearing the end, but it has well over 2000 words now. To get an idea it will be a little longer than this one.

October and November

utararwarmano 2
Because Nostalgia from the first series that I saw like a week before the first impressions came out, and it was a little bit of a mess this season for the impressions.

The 30 Day Manga Challenge. On one hand I really wish I had other posts coming out during these two months. On the other I am glad I came out with them rather than nothing at all. Most of my time was spent working on National Novel Writing Month for planning, normal novel work, looking into grad school, many papers for school, working on looking into internships and apply to them, and actually writing for NaNoWriMo. Although I did not reach the goal of 50K, I did reach my personal goal of 25k once I realized I was too busy with school. The two months really gave me time to think on what direction I want to continue going. I do like doing weekly reviews, and normal reviews, but I do want something else to happen here as well.

Now: December 1st

Today is the day this post comes up. I would have liked to of had it finished before today. But having it finished the day when it all began one year ago sort of makes me look back even more. It is still setting in. I saw a lot of blogs end that only just began. I have seen some that started a little after me do better. I have seen bloggers who had a long run decide it was best to stop for now. A year went by so fast and so much has happened. It really does not feel like a year. I honestly don’t think I have had this much writing in such a long time.

A part of me has always worried that my writing will not entertain people, give them thoughts, or cheer them up. Between the last few years going on Devaintart or Wattpad and never getting a comment or feedback I thought maybe I was not good enough. However here I found a place and restored my faith in my writing. There are no real words that can describe how thankful I am to each and every one of you. It feels like a simple thank you is not enough.

But I do not know what the future may bring. I do want to continue blogging for as long as possible, even if it is not as much as I do now with two or three posts a week. However, I am glad that in the last year I made so many fond memories. So, although I feel a simple thank you is not enough, thank you every last one of you for a great year, and hopefully to many more.

thank you everyone


Thank you everyone, be it if you just started reading a few days ago or have been here since the beginning. I hope you have enjoyed what has happened and I hope you enjoy what will come. 

– Joe