Well, the day this goes up marks the one year anniversary of The Reviewer’s Corner, but this is not the special post for that. Anyway, let me start here on this post, by saying thank you everyone for the last year. It has been a lot of fun. One reason why I blog so much is because I have fun doing it and talking to people about just about anything. So, thanks. I am also so glad to be back from my Quasi-Hiatus.

Anyway, this is unlike other updates. In recent months doing an update for what is to come in a three-month period has not really worked. I mean it did at first but that was because I had an idea of a theme for that month, I have not really had a month theme going since July. So, I am going to try to update once a month on what I hope that will come out in that time period.

So, another important announcement, besides the obvious new layout that has been here for almost a month, on the right there are polls. These polls will decide the order of the next three Top Fives and Top Favs. That way I have something I would like to write about and people can vote on which one they would like to see next. The current poll is what will be the second round.

The first round for Top Fives are as followed (it was very close adding in the twitter poll as well):

  1. Opening Themes (December 18)
  2. Antagonists (January 1)
  3. Least Favorite Anime ( January 15)

The first round for Top Favs are as followed (It was a tie in both polls, so I decided the order):

  1. Fairy Tail (December 11)
  2. Birdy The Mighty Decode (December 26 only because I don’t want it out on Christmas)
  3. Kiddy Grade (January 8)

The polls to decide the second round will close on January 1, you may vote daily for both polls. Suggestions for Top Fives are always welcome.


So, now comes to a question on what exactly are Top Favs. I have mentioned the idea on Twitter and even did a poll, there seemed a lot in favor of doing it. I will mention what the changes to Top Fives and Reviews will be in a moment. Anyway Top Favs are similar to Top Fives, I will admit that the first few may be trying to figure out an order of how to do things. But Top Favs focus on a single series that I consider one of my favorites. I will then discus why it is one of my favorites, what it is about, what I don’t like about the series, and things of that nature. One thing I really like about anime is that we all enjoy different series and sharing why we like certain series can be really fun, so I want to do that with these posts. It will not only spread the word about something I like, but hopefully I can get insight on a show that maybe you do not like that I do. I might do a post talking more in-depth of what will be in them, but for now that is my plan.


Alright, I did talk about the changes that will come in reviews and Top Fives back on that official Twitter launch post. Let me start by saying Weekly Reviews will not be affected, I will still have a similar set up to now, but their might be a slight change. Not sure if I will do two shows next season, but I know of one.

Anyway, Top Fives will have a very similar set up, only now I will also talk about what the show is about. It seems like that was always missing, I would talk about why I like the show or character, but never what it is about. So, hopefully it can give a little more insight on what I am talking about.

Reviews will have a completely different format. They will be more serious and more analytical, it felt like the ones previously they were too easy to write and it was mostly based on what I liked about the show. I want to have a more critical and professional way to go about with it, since I would not mind trying to become a reviewer in the near future to get paid. It will still, like all reviews, have that means that it does in a way relate to personal opinion, however just less.

The reviews this month include: Date A Live Season One Re-review, Date A Live Season 2 re-review (Both December 8), Digimon Tri Movie One, and Penguindrum (Maybe). I was thinking about doing Jessica Jones, but that would put me out of my comfort zone.


So, other posts that have plans to coming out this month are as followed with Dates of other previous posts:

  • I the American Otaku: I Celebrate 1 Year Date: December 1
  • Nanowrimo Follow Up Date: December 5
  • Date A Live Season One Re-review Date: December 8
  •  Date A Live Season 2 re-review Date: December 8
  • Top Favs: Fairy Tail Date: December 11
  • Twelve Days of Anime (still a maybe) Date: 12-24
  • Top Five: Opening Themes Date: December 18
  • Digimon Tri Review Date: December 22
  • Top Favs: Birdy The Mighty Decode Date: December 26
  • Final Impressions of Fall 2015 Date: Week of December 27
  • Pre-Winter Season 2016 Impressions Date: Week of December 27
  • Sub VS Dub Discussion (Been working on it for 2 months now) Date: Unknown
  • Tips for New Bloggers: Date: Unknown (might be in the future)
  • I the American Otaku: I Go on My Last Trip Date: Unknown