Day 30: Your favorite manga that you never want to end

FairyTail-Volume_1_Cover            I have to face it and of the three that I am about to mention, two are both nearing the final arc. The other, well who knows when that will ever end. As much as I would love for Akame ga Kill and Fairy Tail to go on forever, both are at that point where a lot has been set up and it is near the final arc. Akame ga Kill has been announced to be, and I think chapter 67 was released last. I personally could see this series ending by chapter 80 the earliest and I cannot really see it dragging an arc to make Akame_ga_Kill_volume_1_coverit go to 100. Fairy Tail, although nothing has been announced, with the fight against Zeref just starting this is probably the next to last
arc. I could see this series going onto at least 600 chapters. That would seem appropriate; the longest arcs are 80 chapters at most.  In both series cases they aren’t really known to drag an arc out as long as possible. However I would like to see them going on for as long as possible without having it drag on like some series. monster-musumeThe other series I have yet to mention is Monster Musume, mostly because there is no real plot and the chapters are typically self-contained. It is as simple as that.

So, that is it. The 30 Day Challenge that has been going on since October now comes to an end. Although my mix feelings about how these posts came out, I am rather glad it was better than doing nothing during those two months. So, I would like to thank you for checking out these series of posts.

Any questions for any days feel free to answer your thoughts here? Any recommendations of manga to me, feel free to comment. If you are looking for a manga recommendation, tell me some you like and I will do my best to recommend one.

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As always I hope you enjoyed. Any suggestions one what you would like to see here are welcomed below.

– Joe