With the One Year Anniversary now remotely behind me, since there are a few more posts dealing with it to come, it is time to talk about what happened in November and the planning that took place in October.

For those that do not know NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It serves as a challenge of obtaining a completed 50k word story in 30 days. Now before I go on although I aimed for the 50k, I just got a little over 25k. So, time to explain a bit more.

So, a little side track, but I am going to talk about the story I worked on, since it will make everything to come a little more sense.


Roland Apollo, also known as Roy never forgets anything. It all dates back to the day his childhood friend left him when he was 5. She said to never forget. Fifteen years later a princess from another world wishes for peace and establish communications. She brings up she is currently engaged to someone from this world and hopes that can be a bridge to allow for peace. The princess is none other than Roy’s childhood friend. Now dealing with a hit on his head, an ancient prophecy that will destroy a world, and several other parallel worlds after him,  he needs to deal with what is to come by any means.

Long story short it is a comedy fantasy, and eventually unintentionally turned into a harem sort of situation. Mostly on the Princess’ part since she wanted to still be with her two other friends, but never mind that details.


Most of October was spent planning for the story I was working on. A vast majority of the time I work with fantasy situations. So, this was no different. What was different was putting less focus, as in virtually no focus, on the underline always there dark and serious part. Last year for NaNoWriMo it was the opposite; I did not focus on the comedic situations and focused on the more serious aspects. The one worked out wonderfully since I was really getting out of my comfort zone with a more serious piece.

I knew with school and now this year with blogging it would get in the way. It was a major decision between not uploading anything for October and November or do the 30 Day Manga Challenge posts. On one hand the 30 Day Challenge posts were a little boring, simple, and it was more for hope that I could talk to people and here whatever the day was answer from them as well. There were not many, but it was fun when there was. Although I wish I did something different during this time period, I feel so much better than doing nothing for two months.

During NaNoWriMo

School got in the way, simple as that. Last year NaNoWriMo was part of one of my classes. We spent time working and developing the ideas in class. So, that was really one reason why I reached almost 50k. Of my five classes, one was devoted to it, the others although had writing papers, articles, and short stories, it did not take as much time.

school time
Yeah, school work, joys of being a writing major, actually literally in some cases.

This year however, I did not have that class free for working on it. I have had 4 writing/literature class, and psychology. All which have me working on papers, editing papers, or something that was due on a weekly basis for it. Then there was the fact I was a little lazy and was writing the 30 Day Manga Challenge posts the day of or day before they were out. Although I reached the 25k for the story, with all the school work, blog work added to it, I am looking a little over another 16k-18k of words. I am not really sure if I am missing anything that I did not add from those projects. However those words cannot be added to the story. Still that would be over 40k total.

So, school work was a major factor. Around halfway through the month I realized that it would probably be for the best to go for 25k.

Yet, that is not all. The story itself, although I really liked my ideas for it, the start of the story I just could not really get into. In all honesty it felt like it was missing something. I did go with the more comedic route, but there was still the dark part that would really put forward the story as a whole. By the time I finished the 25k, I am still not close to where that dark situation would push forward the plot. In all honesty it would probably take about another 5k-7k till that would happen.

This was no so bad though. One thing, especially with my work I am always worried and thinking about it. The book I wish to publish, I have 8 books in play. Series that exist in the same time period and universe and deal with other unrelated characters adds another 12 books to two series. So, there is always the worry of not being able to publish what I have been thinking and working on for over 8 years now.

Now and Reflection

oh no
Yeah, I write a lot, kind of obvious even outside of all my blog posts. Where do I even find the time for all this? Oh yeah good with time management. 

NaNoWriMo to me serves as a backup. It serves as a means to generate ideas for a worst case scenario. So, if, although I will continue until I am no longer living to try to publish that series, I have other story ideas I can work on and develop even more. Plus with the final draft of the book that starts that universe being almost, I just wanted a short break. I only wanted a short break to help gather more ideas, and allow for what is already there to settle a bit to make the editing process a little easier with a story that is already over 81k and probably has another 15k minimum left till it is completed. By the end the book might be pushing over 110k. (Chapters left are 11 with 3-5k words per chapter I really minimized on the possible words left). Then comes editing, looking for an agent, and so much more. Then I get to do it again with the sequel and working on the other series as well. So yay (and actual yay not the joking me saying yay but not meaning it).

Your Thoughts?

So yeah, that is all I really have to say about NaNoWriMo. I know of a few people who took part. But if you took part I would love to hear about your experience, be it of this year or a previous one. If you are curious to learn more I am willing to help. It can be here or Twitter, both of them (links below). Retrospring you do not need an account to ask questions, so you can do it there too, although it would take a while to respond.

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I realized that the featured image bottom line was cut out, so here is the full pic.


As always I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions, ideas of what you would like to see, or just anything of the sort, feel free to comment below.  Feel free to follow The Reviewer’s Corner’s official twitter, and link is above.

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– Joe