I got nothing clever to go for a name for today. So, yeah, then again Bird People was not really clever I was just like, let’s name it Bird People because why not.  So, enough about that time to talk about OTPs of this year. From Canon to Non-Canon from Yuri to Yaoi. But before going onto that let me just say happy holidays to everyone no matter what you celebrate.

Yuri OTP

This one is difficult, since, I have no idea why. But I watched a vast majority of Nanoha this year so it should be fitting that the best Yuri OTP goes to them Nanoha and Fate. I mean they adopt a daughter who goes the yuri undertone route. The two are obviously married. Because they just happen to “live together with their adopted daughter.” Yeah, that is believable. (It is not). But, besides the obvious yuri emanating between the two of them there is more.

Nanoha and Fate
StrikerS has to be my season.

Personally I always liked this paring. Nanoha is the caring and doing what needs to be done to protect people. Fate at the start is rather distant, but later becomes the same way. She is more shy that outgoing Nanoha. But really she is way more caring to Nanoha is to  her. Although both are very caring for the other, Nanoha can be more direct with it.

So, yeah. BEST YURI OTP is Nanoha and Fate. Love them way more as adults than as kids. Yuri is stronger than.

Yaoi OTP

Well, I only can think of two that come to mind. But if I were to pick one from K, it would be too difficult since yaoi undertone heaven is there. Seriously in both season one and season two it is just everywhere. Anyway so from Seraph of the End, Yuichiro and Mikaela. Because wow, seriously how they could not, I mean Mikaela way more than Yuichiro, and although I have not seen any of the second cour, it is just wow so much yaoi undertones it is not even funny. They are also the first where I thought “I’d Ship that.” So Yaoi OTP of the year goes to them.

All the Yaoi

Straight OTP

Snow White with the Red Hair or Akagami no Shirayuki-himi. Personally I would like to say I want to read the manga, have yet to. The art for a shojo series actually looks bearable for ones. Anyway the OTP for this is Shirayuki and Zen. I mean why not, the two together is just so wonderful and I loved it since the beginning. Not much to say other than that.


That is all I have for this day.



As always I hope you enjoyed.

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