This is not the post that is my Top Five Favorite Opening Themes as voted by the community for Top Fives return, which is this Friday. This one is dedicated to one opening theme per season from this year. So, before I begin, happy holidays and have a nice day.

Winter Season: Death Parade

I love this song. One of the best parts to the show. I love the opening themes and if a show has a bad one I do find it hard to watch it. This is mostly because I do not feel like skipping ahead at the start. The ending theme is a different story, which I skip. Death Parade has that nice guitar that is just so nice to hear.

Spring Season: DanMachi

This one was difficult there were so many that I really liked from this season. It was really between Rinne and DanMachi. Both were very enjoyable. At first with this it sounds like it will start off soft, but by the end it just picks up into something really enjoyable and fitting for the show.

Summer Season: Monster Musume

Another difficult one between this and Jitsu wa Watashi wa, both series I really like, both manga series I really like, and I am glad I did both for weekly reviews. It was really enjoyable. One thing that I like about this one is there are seven versions out. One for each of the girls, excluding Lala, and the one used for the series which is all together. It was really enjoyable seeing it for the first time.

Fall Season: One-Punch Man

This opening reminds me of a mixture of two of my favorite bands ACDC and Led Zepplin. Somewhere towards the end it just reminds me of them. The song is just amazing from start to finish. Although I only saw 3 episodes of One-Punch Man and plan on marathoning it comes Sunday. I have heard it so many times to the point where it is not funny.


So, yeah. What are your favorite opening themes from this year? Another day where I am curious.

Also I do not own any of the music used. All Youtube clips where uploaded by there respective owners.


As always I hope you enjoyed.

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