Ok, so I am hyped for Star Wars today. I get to see it a day before the release. So much other things, needless to say I am super excited and have been waiting for this for a while now. However although the title has the one it does, time to talk about anime that is in space that I saw this year.

There are only really two, that I enjoyed, that have taken place in space this year. The currently ongoing and airing one is Gundam Iron-Blood Orphans. It is the first Gundam series that I have ever seen. I rather enjoy it. Oddly enough the mecha fights are my least favorite part of the series. I really like the characters and everything that happens behind the scenes, like the strategies in fights. To me I find it one of the more appealing part of the series.

Although I have a general idea of the next Gundam series to check out, it is later on my “to watch list.” The only reason for this is I want to finish Idolmaster before starting Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (again for a third time, since I accidentally dropped it twice and kicked myself for enjoying something so much only to drop it).

gundam stuff

The other series in question is Rinne no Lagrange. I really love the show when I saw it over the summer. I probably would put it in my top 20 series. I had a lot of fun watching it. Yes like all shows it had problems with it, specifically with the plot. But I am a person that believes great characters can always make up for details like plot sometimes. This was one of those times.


Lan is my favorite of them all. But at the same time it was a little difficult since they all were so fun and enjoyable to watch. The show itself felt perfect for summer with the scenery of the ocean throughout the show, even in the OVA between the two cours when it showed winter, it still felt like summer. Plus I really liked the mecha fights, although they were not major and only real important in a few scenes and that was about it.

Lan being lan

So, space stuff???


As always I hope you enjoyed.

As I mentioned feedback on what you would like to see for these series of posts would be appreciated. It will take a few posts before a set form and it might change depending on the series as well too. The same goes for any suggestion for anything you would like to see here.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe