It is over. It just feels so weird to say that. The story Muse is done with this film. There will be no more of the characters that I have grown so fond of this past year. It is weird thinking that. But, all stories must come to an end someday. The story of Muse is just closing one window, but opening it up to so many more.umi-chan

Love Live comes from Sunrise, that one company that does mostly mecha and Gintama with a side of idol anime from time to time. Season one aired in spring 2013 with 13 episodes. Season 2 aired with another 13 episodes in 2014. The film aired summer 2015. The series is licensed by NIS America, with a dub in the works. The film, much like the series previously mention is musical and comedy with some drama and yuri undertones.

The film starts off right where season two ending wasting no time. It becomes apparent that a third Love Live will take place at a dome stadium. By having it there it would raise awareness for school idols everywhere. However it has the problem that school idols need to become more apparent. Muse sets off to New York City for a concert they were invited to broadcast. Shortly later after returning they learn the broadcast was nationwide and they become more popular than ever. A problem arises when they have to decide if they will really break up like intend at the risk of disappointing their new fans and risking not getting the dome for the third Love Live or continuing on without some of their members.

with everyone as one          The film really brought back what season two lacked, and that is the importance of what they are doing.  There is not just the questioning in what exactly why they sing, but if they should continue, even if it is not as school idols but to aim being professional idols. Even with the series coming to a close it really helped Honoka develop more. She has always been seen as the leader but has taken very little responsibility. But in this she really matures and takes that leadership seriously not only to hold the wishes of Muse to disband but to still make sure that the third Love Live may take place. She does it not just for the idols that are known now, but all future idols. Taking on the responsibility gave her a lot of development which turned out better for her. Honoka was not the only character that had time to shine though, each one showed their usual selves and yet still signs of maturing compared to where they all were at the start of the series, with a few nods to earlier jokes as well.

Music is a major part in an idol series otherwise I would not be talking about it to such an extent. This is the songs that they sing or the music in the background. To me the background music I never really hear unless I acknowledge it. There were times when I did and times where I did not, but to me that is not really where the music shines for such a series that involves singing. The songs that were covered gave each of the characters time to shine, with at least five that immediately come to mind. One with the Rin, Hanayo, and Maki, one with Nico, Nozomi, and Eli, one with Umi, Honoka, and Kotori, and two with the whole group. Each one was fun it its own right. Rin prancing around New York City or Nozomi and the other seniors acting silly while trying to be sneaky for their songs made it rather enjoyable and memorable.

The art too was stuck to whole the previous seasons were, only just more consist and consistent throughout the movie as a whole. Little details really shined, like the setting sun in the beginning, or the obviously fictional shimmering water of New York City. Little details like that really stuck out.

Although the film could be seen as two parts, one with them being in New York City, and then them being back in Japan, it did not feel like a movie. The two things an anime can do, especially when based on a series already, is make it feel like it is another episode or two or an arc. The Love Live film did that and more so. Not only that it brought about a proper ending and farewell to the girls of Muse, with the fact Love Live Sunshine will feature new characters, it set up as a means that although they are ending the ones that follow will carry on their traditions.

the end

Overall Score: 85/100

Personal Enjoyment: 10/10 (Even Nico could not bring it down)


Random Personal Likes

Best Girl: All (Even Nico, no matter how much it hurts to say that)

Idol Waifu: Umi (She gets her own category)

Fav Song: Sunny Day Song

Fav Outfit: Probably the New York Song One with the Dresses

Best Line: Mama Live

LL Movie dresses


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– Joe