We all have series that we plainly do not like. Then there are shows that are bad that we somehow stuck with. So, time to count down the worst of the year. I am taking into account plot, personal enjoyment, and the condition I seen more than half if not all the show to label it as some of the worst of the year. The final two days of the 12 Days of Anime are going in and basically mini-reviewing some shows. So I hope you enjoy.



The plot was alright. I really enjoyed this series too. It is just there is so much wrong with it that is the problem. The beginning, was alright. It had problems and that just showing the powers and labeling and not explaining them to some extent, it was more understandable come later episodes. The middle of the series was alright too, really enjoyable, gave the main character much-needed character development and made him no longer a prick. Then the ending sucked. The ending felt way too rushed, they could have devoted a whole cour to what they did but they were like “No, he can travel the world and get rid of everyone’s power in a episodes and completely lose who he is.” That was just way too rushed and even going with that option felt like they threw it there at last-minute since they could not think of something.

This is not the worst of the worst. This falls in the lines of okay. I would still tell people to check it out if this is what they were into but still warn them.

burger time nao

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

I could not make it to episode 8. It was bad to begin with. It did that thing with past lives that I never like were they instantly fall in love upon remembering, they fought the seemingly final boss in the first five minutes, and it was just bad from the start. It was a harem, so I can easily see past the clichés. But in a majority of harem series there are redeeming qualities that make me come back for more. This one did not. The battles, the characters, there was nothing that was truly enjoyable about this series. In fact this was one of the series that brought about me not picking up shows just to pass time but to watch shows that I really really like. Plus the abusive Tsundere architype was one of the main, I never like that type, Shy Tsundere is fine, just the abusive one is always up in everyone’s face about it and it is annoying.

This is not the worst of the year.



Testament of Sister New Devil

Where to begin. It sucks, yet I watched all of season 1 or cour 1 or whatever it is referred to as since its second half is Burst. It is just terrible. Ecchi for the sake of ecchi. It is borderline hentai, if not that then it is hentai. The plot is terrible were it hardly gives anything type of personality to the characters. But the opening is good. The creator also gave birth to what I refer to as the worst anime in history and the one that I regret the most for ever watching and completing. But that has nothing to do with this series. It does the mirror in terms of the lack of character personalities, poor choices in plot, if there is the plot. But like in both the fantasy like elements in terms of magic is fairly good. Testament is not as bad as that other show. But with the characters, nearly most scenes having to be censored out worse than a To Love-Ru episode. You get a harem that is basically a hentai with no characters that have any qualities that stick out, in terms of personality. This is another one of the shows that made me stop watching whatever for whatever reason. The other one I cannot talk about since I dropped it after an episode. Still the worst of the year goes to Testament of Sister New Devil and Testament of Sister New Devil Burst.


So, what are the worst anime you saw this year?

Also since I didn’t have any other images from any of the series after Charlotte, here is another pic of Nao from Charlotte.corn


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