Originally I set out to do this series as a weekly review, however other plans got into the way of doing that so it is time to get into talking about the anime that saved me from a boring year of airing anime.

Based on the web manga writing by ONE, the manga was redrawn for publication. The anime by Madhouse, which is sadly does not always do sequels, was in charge for the 12 episode action comedy. The remake of the manga and the anime are both licensed by Viz Media in the North America.

The series tells the tale of Saitama, who after training for three years and going bald aims to be a “Hero for fun.” However he trains so hard that no matter what the enemies are all defeated in a single punch. Over the course of the series he goes against many foes. Not only to get revenge for missing an important sale, or an enemy that is trying to destroy the world, but just to be a hero for fun.

if a hero runsSaitama is really fun as a character. He really starts off and ends the same, with no real change in character. At the same time, beneath his ways, he is very serious about being a hero and not doing it for himself. This can be seen with the Sea King at the end, were he acts like a jerk to protect the idea of the other heroes being important. The lines can come up from time to time and one might not catch them fully unless looking for them, but he says very inspiring things in terms of what a hero should be.

cutie spottedThere are many characters that appear, and it is where the series can shine the most. Although they might not all get a decent amount of screen time, with a large cast of heroes, each are important and have importance. Saitama beating enemies in a single hit would get boring without them, each with different reasons and different powers and what not. Each makes their own difference in any single ways, including Saitama’s main partner, disciple, and whatnot Genos. Mumen Rider, or License-less Rider depending on the version does make an important role for being a C-Class hero with no powers and barely any strength.

Although all the enemies are just evil for the sake of being evil, that does not really take away from the show. The show maintains being interesting despite it being the obvious hero verses villain or good versus evil, although at the end it hints that it could be more than just the black and white way of it. The only real villain to stand out of them, mostly due to one major fact being the fact he withstood many of Saitama’s punches, is Boros. It really made the finally interesting, mostly since the fight was a long one. (Sorry for that spoiler, it had to be done).

lost child
Not the scene in question.

As for the music and art of the series, there was just one minor part of the art that really stuck out that was bad. But taking into account how amazing the art is and how much detail at times, when it does not go poorly animated like for a joke, it can make up for one minor or two minor parts in terms of animation that were only two seconds long. It may be easy to pick up since it is an easy switch compared to how everything else is. As for the music, equally amazing and well done on Madhouse’s part. Animation and music are something Madhouse does well with so it is no real surprise here for this series.

The series as a whole, I had a feeling would turn into a series that would become overhyped come the new season. In terms compared to other series that got the hype, this one certainly deserved it, which is rare to say the least. Shows that obtain hype die down or grow till it as a point like Attack on Titian, and do not deserve it any more.  It is hard to say with this series exactly where it will fall. At the same time that has nothing to do with the beauty of the art and music as well as maintaining a show that was fun and action packed all the way through that could be watched again with the same momentum.

Overall Score: 90/100

Personal Enjoyment: Over 9000/10


I will be doing a review of the OVAs, I am uncertain if they will be like weekly reviews by doing them as they come out and more about personal enjoyment or done as a whole when the 6 of them are completed as a more like this review.


Other Personal Likes

Opening Theme in General

Non-Saitama Hero: Genos or Mumen Rider

Best Girl: Tornado of Terror/Tatsumaki (Hero Imouto Fubuki in terms of the Manga Best Girl)

Episode: The Last Few Episodes

Coolest Old Dude: Silver Fang

Villain: Speed-o’- Sound Sonic

one punch again


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