Hello, and welcome to a series of posts of mine called the Favs. There is one thing that I love about anime and that is as fans we all love different series. We all label series differently. Even the series that we share in common we view differently as well. We have different favorite arcs, different methods of watching or reading the series. So, without further ado time to talk about a series I have not seen in a long time, Birdy the Mighty Decode.


Now, although I will be talking about a series as to why I like them these posts may contain spoilers in certain parts. If there is a spoiler warning will show for a section since a spoiler may be to one reason why I like the series. As of right now it is not for this post.


The Plot

Birdy Cephon Altera is a member of the Federation and is chasing intergalactic criminals. Those criminals go to Earth. While in pursuit on Earth she accidentally kills a high school student named Tsutomu Senkawa. There was a way to keep him alive, which was to merge with Birdy until his body gets repaired. Now sharing a body the two must work together in order to beat the criminals and protect Earth from aliens that threaten it.

birdy the duo

Last Viewing

I saw this show I would like to say early and late summer 2013, I am not a hundred percent sure, since I do know it was not in my first year of watching anime and it was during the summer. I watched season one at the start of the summer and watched season two at the end. The show only has 24 episodes, as well as an OVA, which takes place between seasons. That I oddly watched last after I finished the show.

Why a Fav?

It is rare for me to be drawn to the art of a show. I mean I do enjoy the plot, so there is no doubting that. I really like the fighting, which is where the art shines. The light colors and the fluid motions of acrobatics or straight up attacks I always loved when I watched it. To me that was one of the more distinct features compared to most anime that this one had. To top it off being enjoyable in terms of action and plot and all those things, I do have to label it a favorite. At one time it was in my Top 10 and if I am not mistaken it still is, if it is not then it is close. Recently I even recommended it to someone who was looking for a science fiction series, and they even thanked me since they found it enjoyable.

birdy fight

Does it hold up?

With a lot of my favorite series, it has been a long time since I last saw them. Such as the case with this series I watched it over two years ago. So, after re-watching the first episode I have to say yes, it does hold up and I can say it still is a favorite of mine. So much was coming back to me watching the first episode, remembering certain events and whatnot. A part of me is even tempted to re-watch it all. It is on the list of shows I want to watch again and has been since the summer 2015, where I really got into the mood to re-watch shows, although I did not. So, I am glad that even after all this time I can see this show lasting for being a Fav.

Method: Sub or Dub?

Now, I would ask about the manga, but translations stopped, and the manga has been over for a few years now. However to this day I have not watched it sub nor have read the manga. I do like the dub and that was my instant reaction when it came to watching the first episode again. I think why I went for dub was two reasons. The first being the fact that when I originally watched it I would more than likely pick sub over dub for watching. I think with the re-watch of the first episode going back to dub was due to the fact of me being used to the dub of the series, despite not hearing it in years. Maybe if I re-watch it I will go for sub, since I always like hearing the two from time to time.

What I don’t Like?

This one to me is tricky and it was part of my disappointment when I went and finished watching the series. The show is good, it is just I would have loved to of seen another season. The second season was great and I liked how they continued the story, it just felt like it let a few unanswered questions appear. If it only had one season, even then I could still imagine this show being a favorite. It is just I would loved to see more of this. But who knows, since the manga was originally canceled in the 80s before coming back in 2003. So maybe in 20 years there will be more or another remake or something. Even though I doubt it.

Little Tidbits

Fav OP: Season 1

Fav ED (since there is one for once): Season 1

Best Girl: This show was watched before I kept track sadly but probably Birdy

Favorite Character: Birdy

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe