With National Novel Writing Month in November getting in the way of the mid-season impressions I started to think to my self about some things with these posts. I do like doing a post about what my thoughts halfway through the series, but then they feel a little incomplete with the fact I do not do another follow-up with my thoughts on the end. Although NaNoWriMo got in the way and made the final impressions of the season happen, I think I am going to do my best and do both mid and final impressions next season. So without a long await further ado, let’s get started.


Well, I picked Four Shows, Heavy Object, Gundam Iron Blood Orphans, Asterisk War, and Anti Magic Academy The 35TH Test Platoon.


Asterisk War

To me I did say this was generic, but I found it enjoyable. Of the four I did they were some of my favorite of the season. This one I watched sometimes right when the episode came out, other times I build up and waited an extra week, this was like it for the final episode. I am glad that unlike other tournament series it looks like the tournament might finish in its second cour come April.  I never like anime that revolve around tournaments, since they never end. Blade Dance never got to the tournament, Unbreakable Machine Doll every volume deals with the tournament and it is over 12 volumes last time I checked. Still it would be nice for once getting conclusion to a series that revolves around tournaments, since it is unlikely to be able to get another adaptation or have the novels licensed any time soon. They feel incomplete so I like to stay away from them. But this series had something right with it that kept me watching and hopefully my guess is correct and the tournament ends.


Anti Magic Academy The 35TH Test Platoon

This series I started ranting about with how generic it was. This series all the way through is generic. Sure some things are interesting, but nothing is really explained. Watching it all and enjoying it I did know the problems that never were explained. It was never explained why people fight witches and what not. It never explained why it was like that and anything of the sort. This series has problems with it. It will more than likely not get a second season, if it did it would surprise me. But I somehow enjoyed it nevertheless.

thank you

Heavy Object and Gundam Iron Blood Orphan

I only lump these two together since they are both two cour. I do like both, some of my favorite this season. I have fallen behind on them, but plan on catching up since they are both rather enjoyable. I am loving Gundam Iron Blood Orphans more and more with each passing episode. I already have plans to watch other versions, but I am still uncertain exactly what one to watch next. Heavy Object I am just enjoying in general, it feels like there are problems and holes in the plot that have not been explained, but although by the same creator of Index, this series will live in its shadow and not outshine it in anyway.

gundam stuff

Dropped Series

There was a lot of shows I dropped, I will say this much.So, here is a quick rundown on what they were.

  • Komori-san Can’t Decline – 1 episode
  • Comet Lucifer – 3 episodes
  • Testament of Sister New Devil Burst – 1 episode
  • Valkyrie Drive Mermaid – 4 episodes
  • Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan – 1 episode
  • Concrete Revolutio – 3 episodes (Might try to watch again closer to second cour)


Shows I completed:

  • Hacka Doll
  • One Punch Man (Review)
  • Asterisk War
  • Anti Magic Academy

Best Image Ever

Currently Watching

Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen:

I do love this one, loved the first series and this is more of a treat to those who saw the first. People dropped it, but this series will hopefully pick up in the second half, much like its first series. I am a little behind, but I plan to continue.

Currently on ep 10

this is good

Yuru Yuri Season 3

I am a little behind, I am not liking it as much as season 1 and 2 which I watched over the summer. Something is different, and I cannot really get into it as I used to. But I plan to continue slowly.

Currently on Episode 9


K: Return of Kings

I stopped unintentionally, mostly because school work that was due on Friday nights got in the way and I forgot about watching it, Heavy Object suffered the same way as well which is why I am a little behind on it. However I have yet to make an effort to catch up with this one.

Currently on Episode either 5 or 6


Beautiful Bones:

This series after the first two episodes became a struggle. It could not keep me entertained as it did at the beginning. I am only watching one episode every two weeks seemingly. But I am still curious and want to continue.

Currently on Episode 10


Seraph of the End Cour 2

I started this up last week. So, a very late pick up and I am glad I am enjoying it. I rather enjoyed the first season and the second is rather enjoyable. So, hopefully it continues. I do worry hearing that it was coming out as soon as the manga was. So I am a little worried on the final.

Currently on Episode 6


Also Best Girl of the Season Goes to:

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, she deserved more screen time.

cutie spotted

Wow I really watched nothing this season. No wonder why this season I felt like I did nothing. Well hopefully next season is somehow better than this one.


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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe