How can I put this simply enough? It is like When Super Natural Battles Became Commonplace meets A Certain Magical Index, meets the jiggle physics from High School of the Dead. I guess I don’t need to say more than that.

On to the other series I watched:

Active Raid:

It is like Psycho Pass but light-hearted with a Power Rangers/Sentai series squad on a train. A part of me never likes bringing up other works by the creators since it does not guarantee that it will be good, but I do it all the time to the point where it is not even funny. This one is by the person who made Code Geass. Anyway, I found it rather enjoyable for an original series, but like always I will stay skeptical because it is original. It is a split cour so, I can see myself holding onto this series for some time. But I will know more by in a few episodes time.

the cops suit

Myriad Colors Phantom World Thoughts

But seriously back on topic for Myriad Colors Phantom World, it was an alright first episode. There was not much that grasped me to the series, so I could see myself dropping it after the fourth episode. It really depends, since I have no idea what next week’s episode is about since there was no preview.

phantom world title

The concepts are there. The info-dump about why people now see these phantoms in the world was rather well explained. How the information was brought up, well that could have been done better. It literally happened like “You probably already know this but I am going to tell you anyway.” To me those are always the worst and lazy kind of explanations in stories and just about anything. It was like that for a lot of information as well too.

hungry phantom

There were no real high points in the show. The end of the episode really did not feel like an ending. It just stopped and that was it. They questioned who this one girl was, when they could have clearly asked her since she was two feet away. It felt like it was a little awkward at times. Perhaps that ending thing was just me. I am not sure.

So, there were good points. As mentioned how people came to see the phantoms and why some people have super powers were all explained well and very quickly too. The fight at the start was rather interesting. My only real problem, is that it feels like the main character and his abilities will be easily over shadowed by the girl the introduced the same episode. It really depends how they play with it.

Anyway for me, all I can say is that it is too soon to say if this is a good series or not. This show falls under the category of wait a few weeks if you think you are interested to hear what people say. To me this one feels like it could be dropped easily, but I have been wrong before.

On another note it really feels like there is a lot of hype for this show and people are giving to a lot of praise. A part of me feels like it stems from the fact that it comes from the fact KyoAni is doing the anime, since in a majority of cases it comes up. But they do good anime, so I also will not be surprised it turns out to be a good series by the end.

Bonus points for a geek harem lead.

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10

What else I watched:

Girls Beyond the Wasteland

It is Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu. It reminds me a lot like Saekano from the premise. And after doing a little background information. It is based on a visual novel, which has yet to be released. I love how the show mentioned a lot about being an original work in terms of writing styles with the main character, but it shares several similarities with Saekano.

Enough about that though. To me the first episode was really slow pace. Nothing really amazing happened. Nothing really drew me into the show either. However it is a harem series, possibly, I do not know. But it is also a drama romance, so hopefully after the premise has passed it can separate itself from being a Saekano knock off.

the basics

Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

cute stuff

I have to say of the shows I saw so far this season. This was a pleasant and very enjoyable surprise. I had a lot of fun with it. The show maintained that goofy yet action filled part all the way through. I like shows were they do not try to act serious in action. Of course I also do not like the action being interrupted by goofy things as well. To me I see problems with the plot. But from this episode I really do not see any problems with that. This will be a show where I just shut my brain off and enjoy it. Of the ones on this list, I can say I will more than likely keep this one all the way through it was a cute comedy yuri action and did a good job establishing that it in the first episode.

cat girl spotted

What did you think of any of these shows, if you watched them?


Anyway this season is just kicking off. I will mention I am reviewing Luck & Logic over on AnimeCorps. While I be reviewing  KonoSuba- God’s Blessing on this wonderful world!! (that is the English name obviously) here. So keep an eye out for those.

There are still 2 more posts about my impressions for this season coming out in the next week or so.

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