Hello, and welcome to a series of posts of mine called the Favs. There is one thing that I love about anime and that is as fans we all love different series. We all label series differently. Even the series that we share in common we view differently as well. We have different favorite arcs, different methods of watching or reading the series. So, without further ado time to talk about a series that easily became one of my favorite shows I watched last year and after consideration might be making it into my Top Five favorite series, Kiddy Grade.

The sequel series Fav Post is here.

The Plot:

The Galactic Union serves as an organization to promote stability and percent conflicts between planets. However conflict continues and the organization known as Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs also known as GOTT was formed to stop the conflicts. The task force of super powered members are tasked with dealing with these conflicts, they are known as ES members. Éclair and Lumiere are two low ranked members, as they deal with their conflicts they release that there are many problems about the GOTT and more about themselves that seemed to be forgotten.

the best dou


I really did not add this to the first two posts, and to me this kind of seems important to add. Mostly consisting of the genre, how many episodes, when did it air, who licensed it, and other information like that.

  • Genre- Sci-fi, Super Power, Action, Space Drama,  mystery
  • Air Date- 2002-2003
  • Episodes- 24 and 3 films that condense the series
  • Studio- Gonzo
  • Licensed by- Funimation (uncertain if series is still licensed by)
  • Source- Original series
  • Sequel/Seasons- Kiddy Girl-And (sequel set 50 years later with new characters)


Last Viewing:

eclairIt was my first, and that was, well I can give an exact date thanks to twitter and tweeting it out a lot, it was August 18, 2015 at 9:16 pm. Wow that will probably be my most exact time for last viewing and only time for it on these posts, well next to the Kiddy Girl-And post for The Favs. I watched both series straight through. It also gave me a bad case of the void, that empty feeling you get when you watch a show and want to watch more but can’t. I still slightly feel it.


Why a Fav?

Time to arrest the bad guysI think the best reason why it is a fav is rather simple. I just love it. The characters have what I like. Éclair is the straight forward and caring type and the heavy hitting. Lumiere is the elegant, calculating, and mental type. The two might be slightly different but the two work perfectly together. Between them and just everything that happens in the series just made me love it. The action and conflicts. The series might take a 8 episodes to get into the real plot, but during those 8 episodes you learn a lot about the characters, the setting, and so much more that affects later in the series. How it was done just seemed to hit all the right things that I like which is why it is a fav. Plus that opening is amazing.


Method: Sub or Dub?

I went with sub. There is a certain time for when I like dub and when I like sub. I did play the dub for a few minutes, and just did not like it. Plus the opening had an English version, which that too I did not like.  Plus I did not want to watch it in English then have to switch to Japanese due to Kiddy Girl-And not being licensed.


What I don’t Like?

This one is really tricky, I would love for more. I mean Kiddy Girl-And came out as a 5 year anniversary sort of thing. I would love for there to be somehow more as a 15 year. But somehow I doubt that would happen. As much as I love the show it is rather difficult to say what I don’t like for the series. I personally would have loved to see what could have been for Kiddy Girl-And Pilot, which was to be with the same characters. But that never happened.  Again it really is hard to say, even with my favorite series of all I still find something I do not like about it. If anything, maybe a slight change in ending, it seemed too forgiving, I guess. I am not sure, but everything left me satisfied, which is rare.


Little Tidbits

  • Best Girl: Impossible since Éclair and Lumiere are both
  • Favorite Character: Again impossible because above
  • Favorite Dou: Obviously the above two
  • Favorite episode: hard to say, episode 14 was rather good.
  • Favorite Fight: Final, it was insane

Welp, next time I get to talk about these characters will be in the post Kiddy Girl-And.

you suck

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe