dimesion w titleWell, that was enjoyable. Simple as that. Well, alright maybe I should talk a bit more about my thoughts on the first episode instead of saying simple as that. One because it is me and I never make it as simple as that and two it is me and leaving it as simple as that is boring.

The opening was good in terms of music and art it used. I found that rather enjoyable. It was a little dance and what not. The concept too on what the series is about, or at least where it could be going. How it started made it sound rather interesting. A lot could happen. Although looking up the plot it does not say much. Anyway that is all I can really say. I really enjoyed it. I have very little if no complaints about it. It is rare when a series makes me satisfied. Now that I know it is based on a manga, I want to read but I don’t want to spoil myself. I can at least say that this will hopefully be one series not subjected to the 3 episode test.collector

Overall Enjoyment 7/10

Other Thoughts:

After writing this and preparing to post something occurred to me. Originally I thought this was an original series. After I found out that it was based on a manga. A part of me is bothered by the fact that my view did do a slight change, and actually thought better of it because it was an adaptation. I think the past year of constantly being bothered by original series did this. Although I am uncertain I hope it is not the case. I wish to hold series both that have a source and ones that are original the same; it just seems lately that has not been the case.

girl lady

What Else I watched:


This show was alright. I will give another episode a shot. But other than that it was alright. Hard to really say more since even watching it I was not that drawn into it. This will be subject to that three episode test.


Nurse Witch Komugi R

I watched the original OVAs that severed as a joke spin off to SoulTaker, which I never saw. Both were 12 and 14 years ago respectively. I saw the OVAs I want to say late 2014. Anyway this series is a reboot and has nothing to do with any of those series. The only thing they really have in common is the character name and transformation. So you don’t need to watch those series to get this one. A lot has changed compared to the OVAs. Not sure if I will enjoy it as I did with the OVAs, but I will watch this all anyway.

nurse witch

Dagashi Kashi

I rather enjoyed this one. The humor seemed not to obnoxious and had a nice balance of things. I like how even though it is a series with only 10 pages per chapter it still has a means to fill the 24 min spot. I do not think it would have as much of an effect as it did with 4 min, maybe the 15 minute spot. But nothing short of the 15 minutes. This is another on the list of shows I know I will keep this season. At least till the end where I am struggling with the end of this season and school stuff and starting a random new show that got in the way of all the old ongoing ones.

anime time

Other Thing:

Luck & Logic

Originally because I am reviewing this over at Anime Corps I was thinking not to do this. Then the post seemed rather short (Short for me seems like other people’s long posts). I would like to say a few things that have occurred to me a few days after the episode.

Logic ep 1 7To me this show, although I found it enjoyable and a good first episode, it felt as though it was taking too many concepts, although slight ones, and put it into the show. I personally hope this is not a trend. This can be seen in the seemingly powerful main lead, having to be forced to share a room with a female partner, and a few other clichés here and there. Since it is unknown the direction the show will go, mostly since it is based on a card game, I am letting this slide and hoping that it does not stay a trend.

Overall Enjoyment 7/10

Anyway this season is just kicking off. As I mentioned I am reviewing Luck & Logic over on AnimeCorps. While I be reviewing  KonoSuba- God’s Blessing on this wonderful world!! (that is the English name obviously) here. So keep an eye out for those.

There are still 1 more posts about my impressions for this season coming out in the next week or so.

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– Joe