Well it is good to be back doing weekly episode reviews. It has been since September where I did Monster Musume and Actually I am, but I am finally back doing them. A little forewarning that there is a change, so instead of my long talk of what I typically do at the start of the episode, with the exception of this one, it will go straight into the plot. The show airs on Wednesdays, however Wednesdays I have a lot of classes and will be in class from 11 to 5 pm, so to put it bluntly instead of having the reviews go up the following day they will be up on Fridays. So, with that info out of the way let’s get started.

konosuba title

konosuba ep 1 1So, Kazuma Sato wakes up early one day to run out and get a limited edition game. He is a Hikikomori. Playing games all day, even making the remark on his way back that he has been outside for someone who has been in a dark room for the past three days.  On his way home he noticed someone that went to his high school. As she walks by he notices a car that is about to hit her. He pushes her out of the way to save her life.

He wakes up in an unfamiliar area. A woman walks over and introduces herself as Aqua, a goddess in charge of guiding young souls to the afterlife, or to be reborn. She reveals that Kazuma died. Kazuma was worried if the girl was safe. Aqua replied nonchalantly that she was and he died of shock, since it was not a car that was coming, but a tractor, which stopped to let them pass. After teasing him about the ordeal, she makes a request. Another world is at
threat where too many people are dying and no one wants to give birth. The Demon Lord is trying to rule the world. She offers Kazuma to go to this world, since apparently heaven is boring where you can’t do anything ecchi according to her. She says he can bring any sort of weapon or ability that he would like.

After thinking about what to bring to the new world, and Aqua teasing and making fun of him constantly. He wants her to go with him. She rejects saying it is impossible. An angel appears and accepts the request forcing Aqua to go with him. She is allowed back once the Demon Lord is defeated.konosuba ep 1 4

The two in the new world, Aqua freaks out about the situation as a whole, while Kazuma stays calm. After a few moments they make their way to the guild hall to become adventurers. After dealing with some problems, such as a priest not believing Aqua is a goddess only to donate money to her. The two picking and signing up as adventures the two decide to make the most of it and head out on there way.konosuba ep 1 5

Over several days in the new world, sleeping in a barn, working on walls, drinking at the bar, partying with co-workers at the bar, Aqua throwing up after drinking at the bar, Kazuma realizes they are doing it all wrong since they will never defeat the Demon Lord staying there. The two decide to make the most of it and decide it is time to try to take on monsters.konosuba ep 1 8

Then the episode ends.


Overall Thoughts

This series is based on a Light Novel. However I am familiar with the manga version of the Light Novel. I know it is a comedy and what not. It may seem like a harem with it being one male lead and three female leads, but it is all comedy. Enough about that.

konosuba ep 1 7The first episode was really enjoyable. Aqua and Kazuma you could see how they treated one another slowly changed over time. It did not try to throw every joke or anything over the top. It even stayed away from most tropes, with the exception of using one as a joke, about RPG Fantasy anime. Although there was no real plot, besides the obvious start off, it did it right for a comedy and not try to rush anything. In all honesty I thought they would have fought the monster in this episode. A part of me is glad they did not, it let just a little more time for jokes to occur.


Enjoyment: 9/10

I am not going to give a grade per episode like I used to. Instead I am just going to give my personal enjoyment and do a full review come the final episode.

It feels good to be back doing weekly reviews. I just hope this season does not turn into nothing but reviews, both weekly and series, for being the only posts on my blog the next few months like the summer.

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– Joe