Hello, and welcome to a series of posts of mine called the Favs. There is one thing that I love about anime and that is as fans we all love different series. We all label series differently. Even the series that we share in common we view differently as well. We have different favorite arcs, different methods of watching or reading the series. Now it is time for something a little different, an anime film series, Kara no Kyokai.


Before I begin this is the fourth post in the series, and the order was voted by the community. Although Top Fives can have suggestions for ideas. Starting with the Fourth Round I am going to take up to 3 suggestions on what will be the series I will discuss. If there are a lot of different suggestions then I will do polls on twitter to decide for the poll. Not all the series I like that I would do posts are on that list. I will work on a more full list later. These would not start till April though.

thank you everyone
Not Kara no Kyokai, but still thanks everyone.

On another note if there is anything you would like to see me talk about on a certain series, since these posts tend to change on a post to post basis. Please comment that as well.  Thank you everyone who has supported these posts to now.


Alright, now with that out of the way let’s get started.


The Plot:

I will say that on a film by film basis there are different plots, that much is a given. I am giving a super broad outlook on the series. So, if you want to know more on an episode movie basis, looking it up might be for the better.

Mikiya Kokuto meets a strange and beautiful classmate one day, Shiki Ryogi. Shiki is anti social, and possess a powerful ability.  Upon their meeting she starts to find the slightest bit of happiness, despite the deeds she has done. After going into a coma two years later they meet again. The Mikiya serves as an investigator to Toko Aozaki, while Shiki assists them on a needs basis. They deal with the supernatural occurrences and the mysterious murders that are being committed.

the dude


  • Genre- Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense, Horror
  • Air Date- December 1,2007 – September 28, 2013
  • Films- 8, Plus a few Specials
  • Studio- ufotable
  • Licensor- Aniplex of America
  • Source- Light Novels
  • Connection- Naruverse/Fate Series Franchise


Last Viewing:

Sometime in 2014. I am not counting the viewing of movie one in order to find pictures for this post. Although I did not really watch it, I just opened to a few random scenes. The only reason for that is because, although I want to see all the movies again, I have no idea if I will.

kara_no_kyoukai_aozakiFor me the series was weird. I started it early, like January 2014, maybe even in December of 2013. I only saw the first three films only to stop for the longest time. It was not till the summer, July or early August 2015 when I continued. Before anyone asks on why I dropped it for so long, my answer is I have no idea.


Why a Fav?

Movie 5, in its entirety. It is amazing. The series itself is amazing. I really like the fact that the films came out of order, instead of chronologically. Some events take place before certain movies, while other movies take place after. I really like that concept. Unlike Baccano each movie is self-contained to some extent and you do not need to remember every single event in order to get what happened 10 episodes ago or something.

It is really nice to figure it out. I remember watching one of the films and was like “Oh this leads up to so and so because that hasn’t happened yet.” So that was rather nice to see things and get what was happening. Plus it allows for multiple ways to watch the series too, although I only seen the series once.

No icecream for you

Method will be skipped this week.

There is no dub. As previously mentioned I have not watched it a second time, but there are several ways to go about watching, either release order or chronologically.


What I don’t Like?

The first film to me, although I did like the action, it did not grab me in. I think that was why I stopped it for so long. The third was good and I wanted to keep going, I just forgot and was busy with school. To me watching the first movie just bored me. At the time of writing this I have yet to rewatch the first movie to find pictures for this post. I nearly fell asleep during the movie too, so I am sure now that I saw the series all the way through I will enjoy the first film.

The only thing I can think of that I do not like about the series is the fact that the films differ each time. Some are more talk than action. Some are only an hour, the fifth one Paradox Spiral is over 2 hours long. There is no real set anything for what is being covered on a film to film. But that is fine to some extent.


Little Tid Bits

Bae: Shiki

Fav Movie: Paradox Spiral

Fight: Final Fight in Movie 3 or Toko vs Sauroen

Best Girl besides Shiki: Toko

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe