So, I am currently hooked on Final Fantasy Explorers. The only thing that I can think of on how that game is connected to this show in any way is the fact they are fantasy games. So, yeah. I got nothing really to say at the start. But this will be on the lighter side of describing what happened this episode.


So, Kazuma, after learning how to use skills in the last episode, learns a new one. This time it is “Create Water.” It is a basic water skill, although he uses it to get a drink of water. He does know that this is as basic as water spells can get and that is all he will be able to do for now.

konosuba ep 4 1

After the catchy opening theme plays it returns to the heroes.

Darkness is flaunting her new shiny armor and Megumin is also happy for her new staff. All this was money earned from killing cabbages in the last episode. Aqua on the other hand is suffering from low money. She caught lettuce, which was worth nothing. Yet it is then learned the Kazuma struck rich, mostly due to his high luck, making over a million. So, besides Aqua wanting money to pay off her debt, Kazuma rids himself of his tracksuit and gets more Adventure like cloths.

For starters, yay, no more track suit, it feels like a fantasy series more so now.

Anyway, the group decides to go on a new quest. However their luck would have it but a leader in the Demon Lord’s army moved in nearby scaring all the small time monsters. So only quests that are a high level are available.

konosuba ep 4 4

So the group goes their own ways. Darkness goes off to train at her family home. Aqua works part-time. While Kazuma helps Megumin with her magic. She wants to practice her exploding magic. But she still can’t move after a single spell. So each day the two leave trying to blow up a nearby abandon castle.

konosuba ep 4 5

Oh sorry wait one second.

They try to blow up an “Abandon Castle.”

Anyway they do that daily for some time. Before long, after some complaining by Kazuma feeling like Aqua does nothing and that the two will never be able to defeat the Demon Lord. An emergency quest appears.

The Demon Lord’s subordinate, Dullahan shows up. He is furious since someone has been using exploding magic near his caster every single day. He complains and wants the one responsible to pay.

konosuba ep 4 7

Megumin steps forward. She does her usual stuff about being a crimson demon and what not. She even makes up the fact it was a strategy to make him leave his castle. However he is still angry and after talking about it some more trying to get her not to use exploding magic, he decides to curse her.

Darkness jumps in the way to take the curse, mostly because she wanted the Dullahan to take her to the castle and do ecchi things because of her masochistic ways. The Dullahan runs off and expects Megumin to show up in one week and he will undo the curse.

konosuba ep 4 8

Kazuma and Megumin are prepared to go and be heroic and stuff. Then Aqua uses a basic spell to despell the curse on Darkness. The problem is solved, Kazuma is a little annoyed how she took away their moment, and the episode ends.

konosuba ep 4 10

Overall Thoughts

konosuba ep 4 9I really enjoyed the episode. It was fun. I am honestly surprised how much I could talk about what happened. It was fairly basic more than anything. Still entertaining even if the scene hardly changed. The jokes maintained a flow, I think what made this episode be more enjoyable was the second half with the Dullahan showing up. The last few minutes were just well done and really brought the humor out this episode.

However although the humor kept me going, even to the point where I laughed out loud a bit, there are still things I wish this episode did do. Kazuma getting the money I sort of wish they expanded upon that. So far the episodes are fairly self-contained in some way. I sort of wish they played more with the fact he struck rich since it was done rather quickly.

This episode I still found enjoyable. Although this series is only eleven episodes long, it is a shame how fast it feels like it is going by.


Overall Enjoyment: 8/10

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