Before I begin, I just want to say that I have no idea how many times I made the joke “The Search for More Money.” I honestly do not know. Anyway, this is basically the half way point since again the show is only 11 episodes long sadly. (Looking it up there might only be 10. I really hope it is 11 though and will act as such). I think they are only covering 2 volumes, I could be wrong. I do not know. There will be 9 once the OVA come out. So, I am still hoping for a season 2.

One last note before I begin, I have been trying to do my weekly reviews at least in the plot part differently.  I did it in the last review here and on my Luck & Logic Review over at AnimeCorps. I would like some sort of feedback, since I do enjoy writing it more in a comedic (or in Luck & Logic’s case rant and comedic) manner. But if no one likes that then I will stop.

Anyway let’s begin.


The lazy goddess is at it again. Aqua is asleep and Kazuma pretty much foreshadows the entire events of the episode all before the opening theme. It is funny seeing how, well, I will get to that later.

Aqua complains about working in the market. She wants to go on a quest. But the quests are still like last time. With the Demon Lord General still around (who they did not visit after annoying last time), the quests are still high level. Kazuma against better judgement tells Aqua to pick an easy quest.

konosuba ep 5 2

She of course does the opposite looking at the reward more than the fact a team consisting of a one use mage, a masochist knight who can’t hit anything, a rookie adventure, and parlor trick goddess would have to kill two dangerous monsters over a land dispute.

Kazuma tells her to think again. Aqua picks an easy quest, with a good reward. Her over confidence brims with joy seeing that she just needs to purify a lake. The monsters do not need to be slain, since they will leave once the lake is purified. However there is a catch, Aqua’s purification is not something that can be done in five minutes, but half a day, meaning she needs to be guarded from the monsters.

The Solution: Put Aqua in a Cage

konosuba ep 5 3

Was it Effective: Yes

aqua cage

Did She Like it: No

konosuba ep 5 4

Anyway, with Aqua, well she sits in the cage and complains. The crew they are a safe distance away. Several hours pass and nothing happens. Well, then the obvious and someone, Megumin, raises a “flag” which the alligator monsters then appear and try to eat some goddess up for dinner.

konosuba ep 5 5

Aqua freaking out starts to do her purification spell over and over and, well you get the point.

After the purification is complete Aqua has a similar time after the frog monsters. She is traumatized and does not want to leave the cage. Even going as so far to tell them to take her to town in the cage, which they do.

konosuba ep 5 12

This is only the halfway point. A hero slaying an ancient dragon with a powerful curse sword saves the day. Him and the two girls that follow him (lucky prick) are well experienced. He is Kyouya Mitsurugi, and like Kazuma he is from another world. He has a cursed sword only he can use. He wishes to be with the lovely goddess that sent him there, in other words Aqua.

Well of course he happens upon the goddess in a cage. She is also singing the fact she is off to be sold. In a rage Kyouya breaks the cage. Aqua snaps out of her depression and has no memory of who the Kyouya is.

konosuba ep 5 13

More things happen, mostly Kyouya trying to get Kazuma’s group to join him, well everyone but Kazuma. He then wants Kazuma to fight to obtain Aqua. Kazuma uses steal in order to gain the guys sword and rendering him unconscious. Also Kazuma threatens to use the Steal ability on the girls Kyouya was with due to them thinking the fight was unfair.

konosuba ep 5 7konosuba ep 5 8


The following day Kyouya returns wanting his sword back. Aqua punches him for breaking the cage and takes money from him that she lost. Kazuma also reveals he sold the sword for money, since he could not use it.

konosuba ep 5 9konosuba ep 5 10

Then another alarm goes off. Dullahan returns. He is not pleased no one showed up to his castle.

konosuba ep 5 11
Dullahan-san wants love, that Tsundere.

Overall Thoughts

This episode was really enjoyable. Last week I had a lot of fun towards the end for the majority, but this one just kept it all be enjoyable. The ending especially, that was just the perfect way to end it.

I really do like what this series has going for it. It still maintains being fun and random. It is not trying to be a hardcore fighter anime or anything. Despite even looking like a harem, since the girls, it is clearly not with no sign of romance. I really like that and it adds to the series. I think if they tried turning this into a harem or romance elements it just would not work. It is fine as a comedy fantasy.

konosuba ep 5 6

So, they are now five episodes in and still have not finished the first volume of the light novels. I do hope what I saw is wrong and the show is 11 episodes. Either way hopefully there is a second season someday since, (I was looking up how to spell character names and stumbled upon it) what is just in the first two volumes is not even the tip of anything. The later series looks like it will be even more fun then the already fun ride it has put us on so far.

Hopefully this one can keep the fun going enough for a second season to be wanted.

Overall Enjoyment: 9.5/10


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