This season has been weird. I did not really start watching a lot of series to begin with, but I ended up dropping a lot too. A part of this is due to school, and a busy schedule. At least I like to think that being some of the cause. But another part is due to nothing really being interesting, or at least interesting enough to keep my attention.

I never watched this little amount of anime before. In the past year it has been slowly on a decline, with this season hitting the hardest. It is not all bad. I am sticking to shows I actually like and am not just forcing myself to watching something because everyone is watching it. So, time to start with the shows I am at least continuing.


Ones I am Reviewing:

Might as well start off with these two since I do plan to continue with them. I mentioned my thoughts on them in the reviews themselves, but that is more on an episode basis.


This one is easily my favorite this season. I not only have fun watching it, but writing about it in the review too. I find it easier to write about something if I enjoy it. This show fits it perfectly. When it came to the show itself I had no idea that it was going to be popular, but it is, it seems everyone either loves it or doesn’t, which is fine. There are a few on the dropped list that fit this category. I am glad this one falls under love for me.

aqua face


Luck & Logic

I have a lot of problems with the series, the plot and sometimes the characters. It is not always, but just sometimes. I really like the rant comedic style I try for the reviews, which really makes it more enjoyable. This is one of the few series I like to watch despite having problems with it. I do feel like it still has potential, and although I am prepared to be disappointed at this point, I still hope for the better. To me it is not trying enough, I mean they even call the main character cliché from time to time. These reviews are done over at Anime Corps and are out on Sundays typically.

Logic ep 3 9
Thus the Whip of Love joke spreads here.


What I am Keeping

Active Raid

neko raid
She left out the Nyan

I do have problems with this series. Personally I wish it wasn’t so episodic, the villain actually had a clear goal. Other than that I rather enjoy this series. I enjoy the characters and what they are trying to do. It might be my only Thursday series, but I am glad I can look forward to that after a day at school. There is just something I like about it. Personally I am curious what will happen later, since it is to be two cour.

Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

cuteness kittyEasily another one of my favorites this season. This show is one you cannot go in expecting something serious. It is enjoyable because of it. It is just a fun, cutesy series. I am glad they kept it the way it has. I haven’t really been disappointed since it started, so that is always nice.

Dagashi Kashi

seriously I can explain
(Witty Comment Here)

This series is super random, but I really like it. Whatever it does it just does it right, simple as that. I do not have much to say other than that. It just gives off that Non Non Byori feel only with a candy store and it does it right. Although the only downside is the only way for me to get this candy would be importing it. Too bad.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2

Love it just as much as the first season. My only problem with this season was the last few episodes feeling a little boring with Zen and Shirashi separated. It felt boring. But it has been picking up in the last few. The latest episode especially.

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation

senpai are you okay
No, because you are oblivious.

I also would like to call this series “Video Game Manuel the Animation.” The character is like someone who never played video games before, despite being set in 2027, so I would assume games are more popular a decade from now then they are today. It is alright, but I just like it for whatever reason. It is different compared to other video game anime, this one is not as the player, but someone who is playing the game, which I find interesting. Hopefully I will continue.

Dimension W

Of the three shows I focused on for my first impressions this is the sole survivor. Besides Mira possibly coming out as Waifu tier after this series (seriously have over 60 images of her), I really like it. There is just something about it, like a few of the others. I really like the action and the direction they are going with. My only problem is the manga has over 80 chapters, and with an anime of only 12 episodes, we are not going to get far into the story. Unless they have yet to reveal it is two cour. Personally I hope it is.

cute gif mira

Mahoutsukai Precure!

Yeah, so I like Precure. This is only one episode 2, but unlike Go Princess, I am liking this one more with each passing episode. Hopefully I stick with this one all the way. Mostly since I am still debating if I should finish or stop trying with Go Princess.

precure stuff

Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

like a bossI caught up. I am only now behind Heavy Object from last season. I really like this series. Since it is my first Gundam series I am really looking for others to watch next. That is all I will say. Any recommendations for next Gundam series I should watch feel free to tell me.


Shows I  Need to Catch up

Nurse Witch Komugi R

nurse witchI last saw episode 3 I believe. It might have been episode 4. Either way I plan to catch up. School and other things got in the way from doing so. This was not high on priorities, so it suffered because of it. Hopefully I will.

Gate Season 2

This one I am kicking for not being caught up. I haven’t seen it since the first episode it returned. Each week I am kicking myself more and more telling me to catch up. That is my plan and I do not want to stop a series like this one when I got so far and liked the first half.


What I dropped

Some of these I am not sure if I should consider dropped since I never gave a second chance to. Either way I will say the episode that I stopped on before explaining why.

Myraid Colors Phantom World

Episode 3 maybe episode 4?

say whatI was forcing myself to watch it. Remember when I said there are shows this season everyone loves and some don’t. I fall under the category of not liking it. I do like what they are doing. I just could not find myself entertained. I am not sure why, but I just really did not like it. The characters were alright. The main girl it feels like everyone only liked was due to her chest. Other than that the series did not have much going for me. I think I even said it in my first impression of it that I would not be surprised if I dropped it.

AOKANA: Four Color Across the Blue

Episode 3

creap morningAnother series I did like what they were doing, that I just could not get into. I just found myself bored five minutes in every single time. Sure there were moments that I enjoyed. But it did not make up the time that I was bored when watching it. Sadly this one was dropped.

Girls Beyond the Wasteland

I think I stopped after two episodes maybe three?

maid a real maidThis was really a Saekano knock off. Only difference was the main character had no idea what anything meant. I just did not like it. The characters I liked. There was a lot I liked. But with the fact it feels too much like Saekano, well, I would just prefer the real Saekano over it.


Episode 2

i'm a cute girlYeah, the episodes were alright. I even mentioned I would wait a few more to know what the internet says. No one really talked about it. Nick, whose reviews I read/edited, even dropped the series. So I know what happens and it did not look any good beyond what they barely had to begin with.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Episode 2

sorceress chanIt feels like a lot of people like this series. Episode one was just so boring. Episode two was even more so. In one part in the second episode I skipped ahead three or more minutes since all it was, was just camera shots of them going around the town doing nothing. I already forced myself to watch a second episode for it. It was best for me, to not be bored out of my mind, to stop this series all together.


Episode 1

Yeah, it was alright first episode, it was just not enough to get a second episode out of me.


Well, what are you watching this season? I am sure some of the shows I dropped you are still watching. Personally I would love to hear your thoughts on them so far.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe