So, as I said I will be doing a series of posts covering Fire Emblem Fates. I got the Collector’s Edition, so that is all three routes in one game. I am starting off with Birthright. Depending how fast I beat this route it will decide what the next post will cover. This post, besides doing the Unboxing of the Collector’s Edition, I will also cover my thoughts up until Chapter 6, where I make the choice.

What are your thoughts on the games? (might as well ask before I begin)

So, I am think it would be best to actually show what is in the Collector’s Edition then describing it. So here everything is. I am also certain that the Key Chains were Game Stop exclusive with the purchase of both games or the Collector’s Edition.

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Alright with that little poorly made slideshow thanks to my phone camera, (Good Job me being able to type this up before taking pictures.) let’s get started.

First Impressions: Chapters 1-6

As of this game, the only other Fire Emblem game I have played is Awakening, so I am a noob, a casual, or however you want to phrase it. I also have to tell myself this is not Awakening.

This is Awakening though.

Anyway, I do like the approach for this game. There are a few things I am still up in the air about. But other than that, well, I like it so far. I like how you can pick your character’s class at the beginning. It was a nice change. I especially like how the first 6 Chapters are set up, especially since I have the 3 in 1 version.

The game gave plenty of time to give a player a choice on which side to choose. Each chapter was split evenly to show off both sides and still serve as a tutorial. In all honesty one reason why I picked Birthright to start off was due to it being the easier of the three, I want to go through the games getting harder as I go.


As for that fact that each game has a different difficulty, I am a little annoyed by. But, I think this would be better to discuss once I beat the game.

However after playing the early levels it was hard to decide which side to actually choose. Sure both sides you could not really have a long time to form a bond with, but it gave enough time (at least for me), to make the choice a little hard. Still it was enough to make me want to play it much more, so more to the point where the second post might be out much sooner than expected.

fates pic 5

Favorite Characters: Aka Potential Waifus

There are two that stick the most out, since I am still in the very early stages.



She is a Birthright exclusive character. I am not sure why but when I first saw her I just liked her. I did her C level conversation, and it was alright. I will try to do more with her to see where her and the main character are by A Level. (After playing a lot more, the photo is from her B Level Conversation)



She is the maid from the beginning and is in all paths. I stuck her with the main character just to have her get the bonus attack stats. However after doing her first C Level conversation I really liked her, so much so I did her B Level already too. However I am not going to jump the gun like with Awakening and pairing the main with Sumia only to find other female characters I liked (cough Lucina cough game waifu cough). I need to be patient and this one I do not mind if she does for this game. (Photo bellow is from her A Level)


These posts are to be short. I hope to do at least 2 posts per route and 1 conclusion Review one. I am looking for tips from veterans of the series, since even after playing Awakening a few times, I am still new.

fates pic 6

Next time I will hopefully cover Birthright Chapters 7-16 and some Paralogue Chapters. Which might be out Wednesday.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe