Before I begin, these posts will be shorter than my normal posts. I am mostly going over my thoughts as the game progresses. I would like to add that images the process takes a while and quality is not the greatest, so I sometimes forget to stop and take a picture. I will touch upon my current team and what I am going with.  As well as a few problems I have encountered, if any. If you have any suggestions you would like to see me discuss in these posts that would be appreciated.


Birthright Chapter 7-17 Thoughts

So after chapter 6 it really becomes all Birthright. As I said before I will be doing these games one at a time, so Conquest and then Revelation. Anyway one thing that is minor that I really like is the map. It just looks so beautiful. I miss the fact that in Awakening where the paths you could go from one place to the next. This one you do not get that. But that is my only problem with it.

that stuff

As for the levels or chapters themselves, I unfortunately read online somewhere that a scripted death will happen, only in Birthright for this specific character. However this death can be avoided if an A rank bond is with them and the Avatar character. So I did want to save that character, and I did. I do not play with PermaDeath like some people with this series. I am not that good.  I am also very unlucky too. So losing a character I do not like. I do wish to try it at some point, just probably not any time soon.Not for these posts too.


The levels themselves each one had their own challenges. Sometimes it was me trying to capture a certain unit and having the one character, who can capture unites, die on me. This in turn forced me to restart the level. I have not really had a game over yet. Corrin never died for me. I really do not like to compare it to Awakening, but I did die a lot more frequently in that game. But who knows why.

The levels were fun, however I still have other little problems. I did find struggle with finding out how some characters cannot get a bond with another. So for two levels and scout missions I was trying to get the events, only to find out those two characters do not get them. This sort of narrows down who can marry whom. I only bring this up is because of the children characters. Which I will get to in a second.

Overall these levels I did have fun with both gameplay and story. I enjoyed the two chapters, 16 and 17, which focused on Felicia and her sister Flora. It really gave an idea of those two. Personally I cannot wait to have both on my team since Flora is a usable character in the Conquest version.

Paralogue 2 Thoughts

This one gets its own. Anyway, with Awakening the children came from the future, since time travel sort of played a role in the games. This one I do like what they did in how it made sense for the children to grow up and then be used as characters. This is a minor spoiler, but to keep them safe they are brought to another word, where time travels a lot faster. So they grow more quickly.

So, doing the level I did find fun. Kana, the female, since you get a daughter if you are male and vise versa for female characters. She is just so adorable in how she acts. I have not really used her on the team yet, I plan to though.

the daughter

The Waifu!!

Now, who is Kana’s mother you may ask since the children characters can only be unlocked if an S rank is reached. Well that is Kagero.

Kagero’s story line in meeting the character I really liked. I did like Rinkah’s, and I loved Felicia’s, but I wanted to go with Kagero. Felicia is in all routes. So I could waifu her in another route.

the waifu

I am a little upset on not being able to do the “Petting thing” but whatever about that. There was a minor scene when she was asleep, but it was gone in a moment.


So My Team as of Chapter 18 (Since I am playing ahead):

I am only going to list the ones I use regurally.

Corrin-Hoshido Noble Lvl 9

Sakura- Priestess Lvl 1 (Took me forever to get her to lvl 10 to do this)

Azusa- Songstress Lvl 17

Silas- Great Knight Lvl 1 (Pairing with Oboro)

Kagero- Master Ninja Lvl 3

Oboro- Spear Master Lvl 4 (Pairing with Sias)

Ryoma- Swordmaster Lvl 6 (Pairing with Hana)

Setsuna- Sniper Lvl 1 (Pairing with Takumi)

Takumi- Sniper Lvl 3 (Pairing with Setsuna)

Hana- Samurai lvl 9

Orochi-  Basara lvl 1 (A+ Rank with Rinkah)

Rinkah- Oni Chieftain  lvl 6 (A+ Rank with Orochi)

Hayato- Diviner lvl 5 (Dies a lot but pairing with Mozu)

Mozu- Villager lvl 5 (Also dies a lot but pairing with Hayato)

Kana- Baby Girl err Hoshido Noble Lvl 1


Next Time I will cover my thoughts on Chapter 18-The Final. I hope to cover a few more Paralogue chapters too. That would end my impressions of Birthright before moving on to Conquest.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe