Although I do not like words that I view as swearing, and would like to keep this blog as clean as possible in terms of language, this is the only words that can describe these characters. Each one obviously being here for their own reason. Sometimes they are main characters, sometimes, not so much.

This Top Five was a suggestion by Dandylion13 a seemingly super long time ago, last summer in fact, before stopping the first version of these posts. Feel free to check his blog out, and any recommendations for future Top 5s will be appreciated.

Number 5: Mikazuki Augus (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)

Not going to lie all the people on this list, after giving it some thought, I really did not think I would put on this list. They all just came to mind and would fit for it. Some may be overpowered; others might be a minor character. But in this case with Mikzuki he fits the role perfectly with the balance of being strong and not really caring all that much about some things. A bad ass character is a loose term for me. Mikazuki just fits it. I am not sure why. Then again looking back a few episodes he entered Earth’s atmosphere by using someone’s mecha to slow him down. He may fit that over powered status, but no matter then enemy he keeps his head cool and goes in fighting to win. Plus piloting a mecha and acting mature unlike some other pilots is always a bonus.

gundam stuff

Number 4: Sinbad (Magi)

He really fits the overpowered status well. Let me see, he is a king of a nation, he has the power of seven dinjin, and is seen as one of the strongest characters that doesn’t have a Magi at his side. Sure he can be goofy, not taken serious, and could probably fit into the Top Five Loser characters list. But in battle, although I still have yet to see the second season only read the manga, he is not someone who he normally is seen to be. That is where his true nature shows and where he gets the spot on the list.

sinbad and stuff

Number 3: Priscilla (Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040)

Although I am currently in the middle of this series, Pris fits this role really since the beginning. She has that mysteriousness and aloofness that go so well with Bad Ass Characters. She has her reasons for being distant. In battle she is strong, the heavy hitter, and still cares for her comrades. At the same time she is not afraid to go solo if it means getting the job done. Plus bonus cool factors she rides a motorcycle, is in a rock band, and has a mecha suit she wears in battle that is cooler than the other ones in the series. She is also not afraid to say her mind but at the same time will still hold back her own thoughts. Although I am taking my slow time watching this series, I wish I could say more. Hopefully she earns this spot fully or would go up another spot once I finish the series.

priss is not amused
Priss is not amused

Number 2: Tokuka and Karura (Utawarerumono)

It is hard to pick between the two. I am of course talking about the first series and not the ongoing sequel, which everyone seems to forget, is a sequel.

Anyway, Karura is my favorite, Tokuka showed up after and made things difficult. But Karura was fit the role perfectly from the start. Although was an escapee that was going to be sold as a slave, her natural of not caring, insane strength, and just overall behavior put her here. If I could choose between the two, Karura would have been at number one in this case. But because I could not decide, she had to share second place.

best girl

Tokuka on the other hand is different from Karura. One reason that made it so hard to pick between the two was because they are always together. Although opposites, they still have that same level, if not more, bad ass-ness when they do so happen to be together. Tokuka, although has been known to show her embarrassed side, love of cute things, she still has that calm and strong in battle. She is not afraid to stand her ground. Karura might have insane strength and a weapon larger than her to back it up, but nothing can beat Tokuka when it comes to a sword fight.

Number 1: Najenda (Akame ga Kill)

najendaPersonally I was thinking of putting Akane on the list. She fits the role rather well. But when looking at the series Najenda popped in shortly after. She is different compared to the other characters and stands out more, which makes her top of this list. Where all the others have fancy powerful weapons, she is the leader and has none. She lost an eye and arm, yet that does not stop her from holding her ground with their strongest adversary, Esdeath. She might not be able to insta kill enemies like Akane, but when she fights it is a serious one. Nothing gets in her way of completing the mission. To top it off not too much is known about her other than the small amount of her past that is known. Making her more mysterious than the others, and stronger when it counts, how could I pass up putting Najenda at the top of the list?


So, what are characters that fit being a total bad ass for you?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

Feel free to throw out a few ideas on what you would like to see for a Top Five.

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